What Does It Mean To Be Sold Out To God?


When you see a man who is sold out to God and his Kingdom, there are three witnesses that his life conveys.

The first is:

  1. He is a separated man
  2. He is a surrendered man
  3. He is a sanctified man.


A man who is not separated will not be sold out to God, he will be a custodian of the will and interest of many spirits, so the empowerment of that man will not reflect God’s purposes, it will reflect the purpose of so many other spirits so much so that God will be obscured from the civilization that he will build.

When Jesus was about to be empowered in Mathew 4, the devil had no problem with the empowerment of Jesus, he wanted to add his own, so when Jesus returned in the power of the spirit, what Jesus would have been building would have been God and other spirits, so Jesus had to be separated from everything the devil offered to be able to bring a witness that is pure and a witness that was approved in Heaven.

Remember the work of Jesus was not vetted on earth, it was vetted in Zion, that’s why in Hebrews 9:14 it says “Him through the eternal spirit entered the tabernacle of heaven once and for all to procure for us eternal salvation”.

So it was in heaven his work was vetted, if he was not separated, that work would have not been approved of the Father.

So a man who is not separated can be powerful, can be rich but he will build a system that will not be of God, so when you enter into that system, you will touch things that are not God. That’s why God is careful to ensure that men are separated before he can use them to build his government.


The second thing is that a man must be surrendered. If a man is not surrendered, he will never attain his fullest potentials in God.

So the goal of “surrender” is to get you to maximize your potentials in God, so that everything Jesus died for you to be, you will manifest it before you leave this realm.

Without absolute surrender, maximizing potential will be impossible. So God insist in total surrender.


Without sanctification, a man cannot function by the strength of God. The strength of God is what builds the systems of God in a man. you can build a divine system with human abilities.  It is the ability of God working in a man that builds the government of God.

So God is able to do through a man who is separated and surrendered, because upon that man is the government of God. So sanctification is to enable you function by the grace and ability of God in it’s purest form.

This is why you are not sold out, until you are separated, surrendered, and until you are sanctified.

An excerpt from Apostle Michael Orokpo Teaching on Witness to a sold out life.


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