What Are The Accurate Ways To Communicate With God?

Prayer is dialoging with God. In cognizance, we should be doing it in a way that satisfies him not doing it to get on a good list so that he’ll grant what we request, but to really comprehend how to communicate with him, share our worries, doubts, and appeals. This post talks about what are the accurate ways to communicate with God?

We can never question a friend to demands made out of fright or arrogance so how can that be a good way communicate with God? The bible declared a lot about prayer, including Jesus words on ways to communicate to God.

A story Jesus shared with his disciples, speaks directly to this question, the story of the Pharisee & the Tax collector

What Are The Accurate Ways To Communicate With God?

Jesus narrated a story to some who had great self-confidence in their own virtue and despised everybody else: “Two men left to the Temple to pray. One was a Pharisee, and the other was a hated tax collector.” (Luke 18:9-10)

This parable is a decent method to weigh our hearts. Question yourself if you are either the Pharisee or the tax collector. Preceding Jesus cautions against the religiosity extended by the Pharisees, they were the valued church leaders, consecrated men of that day.

The tax collectors were loathed by many. One might think that Jesus would condemn the later as the offender”. He would, if not for what the tax collector did in the sanctuary.

The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed saying ‘I appreciate you, God, that I am not an offender like everybody else. For I am not a trickster, I don’t sin, and I don’t practice infidelity. I’m surely not like that tax collector! I fast two times a week, and I offer you a tenth of my salary.

But the tax collector stood at a afar and did not even look to the heavens when he prayed. Rather, he beat his chest in grief saying ‘O God, be compassionate to me for I am an offender.’

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I tell you, this man returned home acceptable in the sight of God. For those who elevate themselves will be humiliated, and those who are modest will be honored.” (Luke 18:11-14)

The parable’s lesson is located in what these two men did in response to God’s manifestation. The church leader who has ego tries to authenticate his own virtue in his prayer.

He judges his neighbor while issuing his decent performances, as though it will earn him a fairy point with God. The tax collector did his prayer in humbleness with no self-righteous bone in his body; he requested that God should grant him mercy.

Prayers That God Listen to

The Lord listens to the prayers of the defensible and the modest. King Josiah’s god-fearing life, as noted in the Old Testament, is an instance of this. In 2 Chronicles 34:27, we discover that a remorseful heart attracts God’s responsiveness.

You were remorseful and bring down yourself before God when you heard his decree against this city and its inhabitants. You humbled yourself and ripped your clothing in desolation and cried before him in atonement. He has indeed hearkened unto you.

God wants to listen to genuineness in our request, not pride. As we implore, let’s decide to remain persistently modest before the Lord. Luckily, God spreads compassion to everybody who approaches him in remorse, even

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