Understanding Feelings And Relationships

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Understanding Feelings And Relationships

Since the beginning of time, we have all struggled with being in one. Not withstanding our age, marital status, financial situation or life experience, none of us are immune to the work and commitment it takes to maintain one. Anytime you read through the Bible from a relationship stand point, you can’t help but smile at how things aren’t so different from our own situation.

Is it certain that Adam really wanted to take the bite of the apple or just afraid of Eve’s response if he didn’t? (Gen 3:6)

Is it certain that Abraham was content to wait out God for having a son, but didn’t want to disappoint Sarah by not sleeping with Hagar? (Gen 16:3-4)

The Judge “Samson” finally got tired of Delilah’s constant nagging and gave up the secret to his strength. (Judges 16)

Job’s actions were questioned by his wife. (Job 2:9-10)

Feelings And Relationships Explained Further

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If you truly want to follow God’s purpose, do what you hear Him telling you to do. Only through constant prayer and meditation upon His Word can you gain a semblance of what that may be.

As for relationships, here are some things to keep in mind:

You cannot change another person, you cannot make them hear what you think God is saying to them, and you cannot make them respond in the manner you want.

In relationships, take some time and discuss your feelings with him. See if he feels the same way about you as you do him.

It’s difficult as it is to sometimes stand by and watch someone not do what (you think) they should, in the end it is their choice and their consequence to endure. We are only responsible for our own actions.

Assuming through this relationship, you are not receiving what you want, it is your choice to weather through this period and continue the disappointment with hopes one day he will respond as you want, or to move on.

God loves you so much he would never, ever expect you to be mistreated, ignored or abused in any relationship. Sometimes we are in love with the idea of love. Viewing my own similar experience, a guy chased me at first and I loved it.

It was so nice to have someone who wanted to be with me, know me and even talk about marriage. Nonetheless, as time went on, the interaction was less. How long phone calls last, the frequency, the depth of the conversation was also less.

I found myself becoming pathetic while waiting for him. If i want to make myself believe he was still interested in me, I would share the initial story of his pursuit over and over to friends, hanging on every initial word he spoke to me. This didn’t mean this guy was a bad guy; he just wasn’t my guy.

At this moment why are you drawn to this man despite not being treated with respect? Because sometimes our self-esteem is low, and we think this might be the only guy we will ever be able to get. To some, there is co-dependency that has come from the last relationship. On a more positive note, we have hope and think, if I just hang in there long enough he will change and he will see I am the right one. Occasionally people (our friends) with good intentions can also talk us into staying with them when you know it isn’t right. The peace came to me when I decided to leave.

It’s discomforting but you and I both deserve someone in our lives where both sides are equally interested and respectful.

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