Uganda: Father murders son for refusing to forsake his faith in Jesus


According to a story, a 20-year-old Ugandan man who had converted from Islam to Christianity was tied up and slain by his own father after he refused to abandon his faith in Jesus.

According to Morning Star News, the victim, Tabiruka Tefiiro of Bupalama village in Kibuku district’s Buseta sub-county, was slain by his Muslim father, Kasimu Kawona, on Sunday.

Since putting his faith in Christ in 2019, Tefiiro had been living and working in Kampala. Tefiiro consented to revert to Islam on August 1 after pressure from family members, but he refused to abandon his Christian beliefs.

His father, who had been overseas, arrived on Saturday and convened a family gathering to interrogate Tefiiro about his return to Islam.

Tefiiro told his father, “I am grown enough to join any religion I want because I am above 18 years old.” I’d like to reaffirm that I am rescued by God’s grace. According to his aunt, the victim stated, “I can’t reject my Christian beliefs now or in the future.”

Kawona left home on Sunday and returned with a knife and a hoe, striking Tefiiro, who was able to flee to a neighbor’s house.

“He pursued Tefiiro and forced his way into the house, dragging him back to the homestead, where he tied him up and began thrashing him with the hoe,” the relative said. “He was knocked out cold. He then hung up on him.”

According to MSN, Kawona was charged with manslaughter rather than murder because he killed his son in retaliation for quitting Islam.

However, Muslim neighbors and local officials denounced the killing.

Abudlawali Kijwalo, 39, of Kibuku District’s Nankodo region, was attacked with a machete by his brother in June as retaliation for putting his faith in Christ and listening to gospel music. Kijwalo survived, but he spent a lengthy time in the hospital.

While the majority of Ugandans are Christians, Muslims are found in greater numbers in the country’s eastern and central areas.

According to the Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures Project, Muslims make up roughly 11.5 percent of Uganda’s population. In Uganda, the majority of Muslims are Sunni. In the region, armed attacks and murders of converts are not uncommon.

According to a Voice of the Martyrs factsheet, “Radical Islam’s influence has expanded gradually, and many Christians within the majority-Muslim border regions are enduring harsh persecution, especially those who convert from Islam.”

“Despite the dangers, Ugandan evangelical churches have responded by reaching out to their neighbors; several are educating leaders on how to preach the Gospel with Muslims and care for those who are persecuted after becoming Christians.”

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