The Price for Rejecting God-Daily Devotional


-Daily Devotional. 14/8/2021. The Price for Rejecting God

1 John 5:11-13 (KJV)

Many people believe they will go to heaven because they lived a good life, but the only way to spend eternity with God is to accept Jesus Christ’s gift of salvation. Those who reject the gift will be separated from Him for all eternity.

To be saved, a person must first recognize that he is not good enough on his own to deserve anything from God. His sin is rebellion, which separates him from God. He can’t stop himself from sinning no matter how hard he tries because it’s in his nature. All of his sins, however, are forgiven if he turns to Christ in faith. He is found not guilty and given a new personality.

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However, if someone rejects the truth that salvation is only possible through the atoning death of Jesus Christ, that person has no other option. His good works will not get him into heaven because his sins will not be forgiven.

These words are not meant to frighten you; rather, they are a warning about what awaits you if you reject the Lord’s offer of salvation. God has presented you with the option of eternal life or death. Which option will you select?

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