The Penalties/Consequences of Concession (Compromise)


God said to the Israelites if they abide by his word He’d give them absolute and complete triumph over their adversaries. Then, Joshua and his group proceeded into the Promised Land and conquered. On this post, we will be viewing the penalties/consequences of concession(compromise)

The Penalties/Consequences of Concession(Compromise)

Joshua knew that cooperation could be enticing. He understood that the world can lure us with existences and events which appear eye-catching, and we simply can be deceived. Therefor he called on his people to recall their history.

They were to remember that God blessed those who submitted to Him and satisfied the circumstances to His blessings. They had been prosperous just because of God.

When they followed Him, He blessed them and brought conquest. Joshua cautioned that they should be alert to the endless lure of concession, which would be disastrous!

But the following generation lacking the obedience and enthusiasm of their fathers failed to expel the adversary. Thinking the Canaanites weren’t actually very evil, Israel compromised and linked them in associations, weddings and praying to false gods.

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A period later, the Philistines who should have been submissive are now in control, with the Israelites doing compulsory hard work in their own land! These are the heartbreaking penalties of violating God’s instructions.

Now moving to 3,000 years, our forefathers devoted America to the glory of God and for dispersion of the Gospel. The first Congress started with a three-hour prayer meeting.

The early chief justice of the Supreme Court was also president of the American Bible Society. Each Sunday, the capital structure was occupied with individuals adoring God! If Christians had sustained to use their God-given mandate, our land nowadays would not be overwhelmed with abortion, pills, viciousness and blatant erotic aberration.

It’s a necessity that we take spiritual power over the wicked effects which attempt to shove God’s Word out of the public field. It’s not very late to atone for our self-gratification, confirm our belief and renew our promise to following His instructions

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