The Little Girl And Her Necklace. Real Vs Fake Story


Stacy, a six-year-old little girl, is sweet, adorable and lovely.

She is a sweet child who listens to and obeys her elders. Stacy’s parents adored her for her exceptional behavior.

Her mother took her grocery shopping one day. Stacy noticed a cute plastic pearl necklace in dazzling pink as they passed the shops! She requested that her mother purchase the necklace for her.

Her mother told her it only cost a few pennies and asked her to do some chores so that for each completed task, Stacy would receive money and could purchase the pink necklace.

Stacy made a to-do list and helped her mother with all of the household chores.

Her mother was overjoyed and spent enough money to purchase the pink necklace.

Stacy happily purchased the desired necklace and wore it everywhere, all the time, except when bathing.

Her mother warned her that if she wore it while bathing, her neck would turn pink and the pearls would lose their sparkle.

She wore it even when she was sleeping.
Stacy was well-known for her gentleness and regard for elders. Her father desired to play with her. Her father used to read her bedtime stories all the time.

Her father once asked her how much she loved him after she finished a story. ‘You know how much I love you,’ Stacy replied.

‘Then please give me your pearl necklace,’ Dad said.

‘Please daddy, I love you so much, but please don’t ask for these pearls,’ Stacy replied.

‘I’ll give you the pink Barbie you gave me a month ago,’ she said.

Dad said, ‘Fine, sweetheart,’ and walked away. After a few days, Stacy and her father had the same conversation.

This little girl refused to give up her pearl necklace yet again, instead asking her father to take her pet.

Dad kissed her and smiled as he walked away. This interaction was repeated several times. She fell asleep one day while her father read her a story. ‘Here dad, please don’t take the pearl necklace,’ Stacy said in her sleep as he was about to leave her room.

She had the necklace in her hands. Her father gently removed the pearl necklace from her hand, without disturbing her sleep.

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She awoke the next moment and asked, ‘Dad, what are you doing?’ ‘Darling, your pearl necklace had fallen on the floor, I was just picking!’ said Dad.

Dad immediately opened the jewel box near her bed and handed over the real and precious pink pearl necklace to Stacy, saying, ‘Sweetheart, here is your necklace!’

‘Thank you, Dad!’ the little girl replied. Stacy’s father had been trying for a long time to persuade her to exchange the cheap pearl necklace for the genuine one.

She finally gave up on the fake and grabbed the real one.


God wants us to give up all the falsified and cheap things we treasure in our lives. It could be bad habits, hatreds, damaging relationships, activities, negative thoughts, and so on. When we rely on his word and trust him, he will provide us with genuine gifts in exchange for the fake ones.

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