The Fox And The Crow Story. A Lesson For Everyone


One beautiful morning, a fox was combing the woods with his strong nose for something to eat. He smelled something unusually tasty as he walked through the woods. He observed a crow on a tree branch as he followed the scent.

It was far from the Fox’s first encounter with a crow, and he had no intention of devouring it. The fact that the crow was holding a piece of fresh bread in her beak drew his attention and caused him to take a second look.

“There’s no need to look any farther; here’s a tiny bite for my breakfast,” the cunning Fox reasoned. “

“Good morning, wonderful creature!” exclaimed the Fox as he ran to the foot of the tree in which the Crow was sitting.

The Crow kept her beak tightly closed on the piece of bread, distrustful of the Fox, and did not reciprocate his greeting.

The Fox exclaimed, “What a lovely creature she is!” “What a magnificent figure!” Look at how bright her feathers are! What magnificent wings! Because everything else about her is flawless, such a magnificent bird should have a very lovely voice.

I’m curious if she could only sing one song. Then I will salute her as the Queen of Birds.”

The crow was taken in by the Fox’s flattery, and she forgot about her suspicions as well as her breakfast. She aspired to be known as the Queen of All Birds. As a result, she expanded her beak wide to give her best caw, and the cheese dropped into Fox’s open mouth.

“Thank you,” the cunning Fox said as he went away. ” You do, indeed, have a voice. But where have you lost your senses?”

Moral: Don’t get taken in by flattery.

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