The Four Major Structure Of Reality By Apostle Michael Orokpo


The Four Major Structure Of Reality By Apostle Michael Orokpo

Existence will loose meaning and savor except we understand the foundation of what necessitated existence itself.

If it is not known, the breath on our nostrils will count for nothing. you will just find yourself in an envelop called time, and you will live by the dictates of your senses until you depart from this side of the divide and you journey into dimension where the concentration of God is higher, where time no longer holds way, where your emotions no longer count and then you begin to interact with reality and reality alone, that’s when you will realize that life sustains a meaning that is deeper than what you felt and where you lived, and the only way to capture this level of understanding is when we know what the structure of reality looks like.

Watch Apostle Michael Orokpo unveil the four major structure of reality

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