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American director Dallas Jenkins developed, directed, and co-wrote The Chosen, a television drama based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Chosen season one was the most crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time, and it is the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus. The show’s makers indicated that they sought to set the new series apart from prior depictions of Jesus by telling a multi-season, episode-based plot.

The series depicts Jesus “as seen by individuals who met him.” The series is available on numerous streaming providers in addition to VidAngel and its own app.

Overview of The Chosen

Jesus of Nazareth is the subject of a multi-season television drama called The Chosen. Dallas Jenkins wants to make a Jesus series that could be “binge watched.” Jenkins’ goal was not just to go deeper into the lives of those who met Jesus and to view Jesus through their eyes, but also to depict him in a more “personal, intimate, immediate” way.

The first season introduces Jesus and the earliest disciples he calls. The second season focuses on his public ministry’s beginnings and what happens as word of his ministry spreads.

Characters and Cast

  • Simon is played by Shahar Isaac, a former Capernaum fisherman, Andrew’s brother, and one of Jesus’ twelve followers.
  • Jonathan Roumie plays Jesus, a Nazareth craftsman and son of Mary and Joseph, who is the long-awaited Messiah and Son of God.
  • Mary Magdalene, played by Elizabeth Tabish, is a redeemed lady from Magdala and one of the women who assisted Jesus in his mission.
  • Matthew is played by Paras Patel, a former publican or tax collector in Capernaum and one of Jesus’ twelve disciples.
  • Andrew is played by Noah James, a former Capernaum fisherman, Simon Peter’s brother, and one of Jesus’ twelve followers.
  • Zohara, played by Janis Dardaris, is Nicodemus’s wife.
  • Eden, played by Lara Silva, is Simon’s wife.
  • Shmuel is played by Shaan Sharma, a Pharisee from Capernaum who trained under Nicodemus.
  • Nick Shakoour portrays Zebedee, a Capernaum fisherman and father to Big James and John.
  • John is played by George Harrison Xanthis, a former Capernaum fisherman and one of Jesus’ twelve disciples.
  • Big James (season 1, episodes 1–4) is played by Shayan Sobhian, a former Capernaum fisherman and one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. Big James is played for the first time by Sobhian.
  • Nicodemus is played by Erick Avari, a Pharisee from Jerusalem who is a member of the Sanhedrin.
  • Big James, played by Kian Kavousi (season 1, episodes 5–8): Big James is played by Kavousi for the second time.
  • Quintus, a Roman magistrate at Capernaum and the Praetor of Galilee, is played by Brandon Potter.
  • Gaius is played by Kirk B. R. Woller, a Roman centurion and a previous associate of Matthew.
  • Giavani Cairo plays Thaddeus, a former Bethsaida stonemason and one of Jesus’ twelve disciples.
  • Little James is played by Jordan Walker Ross, a former member of the 288 Jerusalem Temple choir and one of Jesus’ twelve followers.
  • Big James (season 2), Abe Martell: Martell is the third actor to play Big James.
  • Joey Vahedi plays Thomas, a former caterer, Ramah’s business partner, and one of Jesus’ twelve disciples.
  • Ramah is played by Yasmine Al-Bustami, a former winemaker who was one of the ladies who assisted Jesus in his ministry.
  • Mary, the mother of Jesus, is played by Vanessa Benavente.
  • Philip is played by Yoshi Barrigas, a former follower of John the Baptizer, an old friend of Nathanael, and one of Jesus’ twelve disciples.
  • Nathanael is played by Austin Reed Alleman, a former architect in Caesarea Philippi and one of Jesus’ twelve disciples.
  • Simon Z., played by Alaa Safi, was a former Zealot and one of Jesus’ twelve disciples.

Analyzing New Perspectives In The Chosen

The Chosen presents backstories to characters who aren’t fully described in the Bible. Peter had a wife and a brother, Andrew, but how did they spend their time at home? Matthew was a tax collector, according to the Gospels, but given that they resided in the same town, was it possible that he knew Peter and Andrew? Mary Magdalene was healed of seven demons by Jesus, but what got her to that point in her life?

The Chosen delves into all of these theories and possibilities, with more to come in future seasons. These alternative backstories provide insight into the lives of the followers of Jesus, making them more relatable and human.

Another feature that distinguishes The Chosen is that it is a multi-season project. Instead of two hours or a few episodes, the life and ministry of Jesus will be depicted over the course of seven seasons. These seasons will provide an in-depth examination of Jesus’ career and life, as well as the lives of others who surrounded him. Instead of skipping over Jesus’ relationships, teachings, and miracles, the show may devote more time to them.

The Chosen also depicts Jesus in a unique way compared to other films. In several movies, Jesus is depicted as peaceful and austere, with a pious, holy, and solemn demeanor. Some depictions of Jesus don’t even show him laughing or smiling.

In The Chosen, Jesus is unique. This show depicts more of Jesus’ humanity while yet recognizing that he is holy and the Son of God. Jesus is seen doing commonplace human activities such as working, preparing meals, joking, and laughing, which are all activities that people engage in on a daily basis. This Jesus appears to be more genuine and accessible.

The fans have entirely backed and made The Chosen possible. It is a tremendously successful crowd-funded initiative, with over 19,000 people contributing $10 million. People investing money in the show is the only way it can be made.

This is accomplished by purchasing merchandise and paying it forward, allowing others to watch episodes for free. Making a show in this manner also allows fans to participate in the development process. Some investors are even given the opportunity to visit the production and even appear as a background extra in an episode.

Season One is finished and can be viewed for free in any app store by installing The Chosen app. People can watch the episodes anytime and wherever they choose. Season Two is now under production, with a release date of Easter 2021 hoped for.

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