The Believer’s Highest Honor


John 12:20-26: What the Bible teaches and what the world promotes are diametrically opposed. Our culture places a premium on power, leadership, and ambition, but serving God is the highest honor for Christians.

Some people believe that God’s servants are only those who are involved in official church work, but every believer is called to serve the Lord. He places us in situations, occupations, and communities where we can make a difference for Christ. Consider a stay-at-home mom who raises godly children or a bedridden man who prays for his church family on a regular basis. Despite the fact that neither responsibility entails worldly power or recognition, they both serve the Lord, and He delights in such devotion.

In the kingdom of God, there are no unimportant positions. Although the nature of our service varies with the seasons of life, we are always on call for Him.

The Lord uses whatever skills and gifts we have to accomplish His purposes.

What an incredible honor it is to be a part of God’s work on this planet. He doesn’t require our assistance, but He has chosen to include our contributions in His grand scheme. Despite the fact that we couldn’t do anything without His help, our service honors Him.

Isaiah 54-57 (Bible in a Year)

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