Sydney McLaughlin, a world record holder, says she finds ‘true stability in Jesus.’


Sydney McLaughlin of the United States delivered another spectacular effort in the semi-finals of the women’s 400-meter hurdles on Monday, earning a spot in the finals at the Tokyo Olympics. Despite rainy conditions, she won the semi-final with a time of 53.03, barely shy of the Olympic record.

GO SYD GO! @TeamUSA’s Sydney McLaughlin will join teammate, Dalilah Muhammad, in the women’s 400m hurdles final. @GoSydGo // #TokyoOlympics
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Despite a false start caused by another runner in Saturday’s heat, McLaughlin maintained her focus; she was over 10 paces down the track when a second gun went off, marking the false start. “It’s always an adjustment, just having to refocus and reset mentally,” McLaughlin remarked. “It’s simply one of those things. You can’t always control what happens, but you can control how you react to it mentally.”

And her reaction to the competition gets as much attention as her performance.

McLaughlin set a world mark of 51.90 seconds during the US Olympic track and field trials last month, becoming the first woman to run the event in under 52 seconds.

After setting the fastest time, the 21-year-old gave all credit to God.

“I felt immediate joy and gratitude,” she remarked. “I owe everything to God, my family, and my team. I’m still in awe, but it’s all down to faith, trusting the process, and seeing my hard work, combined with God’s gift, put into action.”

McLaughlin has been candid about the benefits and drawbacks of competitive racing. In a May 16 Instagram post, she stated that the Lord is her most steadfast supporter.

“Some days, the friendships and support are out of this world. Others, you’d never know it was there. It’s a breath of fresh air to find actual constancy in Jesus, especially in a world full with inconsistencies. We as humans are continually adjusting our efforts toward one another dependent on our emotions and situations “She put pen to paper.

McLaughlin will now face reigning world champion Dalilah Muhammad for the gold medal.

Regardless of the outcome, McLaughlin believes that having a Christ-like mindset is more essential than the title of top athlete.

“I see myself making a difference in the lives of people by leading by example with my deeds and kindness,” she stated. “I want to be known as a nice person with strong religion and ethics, in addition to being a great athlete.”

McLaughlin’s Instagram bio simply declares, “Jesus saved me,” and she frequently shares about her religion.

Courtesy: CBN NEWS

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