Stop Resisting Temptation. Start Refocusing Your Attention


I  have discovered that why a lot of us are being defeated by temptation is because we are busy resisting instead of refocusing our attention. When you think more about something, that’s how you attract it more.

So to overcome temptation stop trying to fight it, just refocus. What you resist often times keep on persisting.

In the book of 2 Corinthians 10:5 “The Bible tells us to take captive every kind of though ad make it obedient to Christ

This should be our lifestyle as believers. Our ability to subject our thoughts to the patterns of Jesus is what builds our capacity and help us overcome.

Its Time To Change Your Focus

If you constantly occupy your mind with good thoughts, ther will not be room for any kind of evil thought that may lead you to temptation and sin.

In the book of Romans 12:21 The bible reminds us not to allow ourselves to be overcome by evil, but rather overcoming evil with good.”

Here’s an example – while watching your TV and you are being tempted by what you see, stop telling yourself “I will not watch this” Instead, lay hands on your remote control and change the channel.

Remember that temptation always starts with a thought and once your attention is captured by the devil you will fall into sin but if he can’t get your attention then you can not be tempted.

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This is the same trick advertisers use. They work on your attention, grab your emotions and then it all leads action.

Anything that captures your attention, has also captured you. When you find yourself being tempted you have to take action immediately by changing your focus.

In the book of Philippians 4:8 the Bible tells us to “fill our minds with those things that are noble, good, pure, lovely, and right”.

Always remember that the more you fight a tempting feeling or thought, the more you grant it permission to control you.

Resisting Temptation is not easy, So stop trying to fight it, instead replace and refocus your thoughts with those things that will help you walk with Jesus and make it at last.

God bless you.

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  1. That was a fun way to introduce your post with the dog staring at the cookie. I can relate Under my own power, the cookie wins. With a focus on godly things, as you pointed out in Php 4:8, the cookie stays on the counter as I walk away to engage in whatever God has for me.