Simple Steps to a Life of Health and Healing


If you want a balanced, productive life – a life full of health and healing – you must surrender everything to God…trust Him… and don’t be shy. You’ll discover not just a serenity that “surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:7), but also the power to overcome sins and other impediments to experiencing His blessings.

We establish healthier behaviors when we seek God and put our trust in Him. Our bodies feel revitalized, and our thoughts are clearer. We have a closer relationship with Him, which gives us more confidence in prayer.

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Our lives can be filled with tension and concern if we do not have this trust. Doubt and fear can overwhelm us. We can be fearful and insecure. Lack of faith in God can result in bad feelings such as jealously and rage, which can have an impact on every aspect of our well-being. We may become defensive, self-centered, and depressed.

Simultaneously, we must avoid placing our trust in the wrong things or people. We can be duped into pursuing the wrong aims or become trapped by Satan’s trickery and the world’s hollow promises. Consider your life today. How much faith do you have in God? Do you truly believe His Word is true?

Taking a Step Of Faith

“Your word is a candle to my feet and a light to my path,” says Psalm 119:105. Too often, we desire a lamp that will light our road for miles ahead, while the Lord just promises that we shall have His guidance for the next step we must take.

Remember Abraham, honored as “the father of all who believe” (Romans 4:11). “He went forth, not knowing where he was going” when God called him to take a leap of faith (Hebrews 11:8). Step by step, he was willing to trust the Lord and follow His plan, even if he didn’t know where it would go.

When we face uncertainty about our health or other worries, it can be tempting to reclaim control of our lives from God. Abraham and Sarah accomplished this in some ways when they hatched a plot to have a child through Sarah’s handmaid, Hagar (Genesis 16). That must have made perfect sense to them at the time, but their decision has had long-term ramifications. What went wrong for them? They trusted in their own creativity and fleshly skill rather than in God’s plan.

If you find yourself getting off track, as Abraham and Sarah did, it’s time to return to the beginning of the process of finding God’s will. Return your life, desires, aspirations, dreams, gifts, and abilities to Him. Spend time with Him, asking Him to reveal His plan. But keep in mind that you’re unlikely to hear clearly from the Lord until you’ve totally committed to doing His will – whatever that may be!

He is a Great God.

According to Deuteronomy 33:27, “the eternal God is your refuge, and beneath are the everlasting arms.” Isn’t that a lovely description of the comfort and peace you can have when you put your life in the hands of the Lord and His “everlasting arms”? Some days you may feel like a tightrope walker, cautiously attempting to keep your equilibrium. But you can be rest assured that the Lord is your steadfast “net,” ready to catch you if you fall. The more you give your life to God, the greater the depth of His love and faithfulness you will find.

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