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There are numerous stories in the Bible that can be used to teach children about Jesus. Here are five short bible stories and also my personal favorites.

Jesus’ Birth – Luke 2:8-18

When Jesus was born, there were shepherds nearby tending to their flocks. According to the Bible, it was nighttime. They could have been sleeping when an angel appeared in front of them, frightening them. He told them not to be afraid, but that he had good news for them. The people of Israel understood that this would result in the sending of a savior to the rest of the world. They were expecting Him. The angel informed the shepherds that the time had come for them to see their savior.

Suddenly, many more angels appeared to inform the shepherds of the new baby. They told them that the baby Jesus could be found in a manger.

The shepherds traveled to Bethlehem to see the baby. They discovered Jesus with his parents, just as the angels predicted. They worshiped the world’s Savior in a manger.

Mark 4:35-40 – Jesus Calms the Storm

One evening, Jesus and the disciples were in a boat crossing the Sea of Galilee when a violent storm appeared. The ship was overflowing with water, and the disciples were terrified of sinking. They discovered Jesus sleeping in the back of the boat. They jolted Him awake. But they mistook Him for sleeping because He didn’t care if they lived or died.

When Jesus awoke, he stood up and told the sea to calm down. The wind and waves immediately calmed down. The disciples were terrified for a different reason this time. They had no idea who Jesus was at the time. This was shortly after many of them became followers of Jesus. They didn’t realize Jesus was God’s Son, with the ability to control everything in the world if He so desired.

The Woman at the Well and Jesus – John 4

While traveling through Samaria, Jesus sent His disciples to find food. Many Jews avoided traveling through Samaria because they disliked the Samaritans. However, Jesus stated that He needed to pass through that area. Why did He have to leave?

He knew He’d run into a woman who needed to hear about God.

He came to a halt near a well where a woman was fetching water. Jesus provided her with everlasting water. She had no idea what that meant. People who drank from the well would have to return and drink again, according to Jesus. However, Jesus was providing salvation—eternal life. He likened salvation to water. Jesus told her that if she accepted the salvation He was offering, she would never have to be saved again. This he referred to as “everlasting water.”

Matthew 14:22-33 – Jesus Walks on Water

One night, Jesus sent His disciples across the Sea of Galilee while He went to the mountains to pray.

The disciples complied and proceeded to their boat. However, there was a storm that night. The disciples worked tirelessly to get the boat across to the other side.

They noticed a man walking on the water early in the morning. They were terrified. They had no idea Jesus was on his way to be with them. In the boat, Jesus called out to the disciples, telling them not to be afraid. Jesus revealed Himself to them. The storm began to calm as Jesus approached them.

Peter asked Jesus if he, too, could walk on water. He was instructed by Jesus to get out of the boat and walk to Him. Peter was taken aback when he realized he could walk on water. But he soon became preoccupied with the waves and the storm.

When he took his gaze away from Jesus, he began to sink. Jesus reached out and grabbed Peter’s hand. They boarded the ship together.

According to the Bible, the disciples worshiped Jesus after they were in the boat. They began to realize that Jesus was, in fact, God’s son.

Mark 8:22-26: Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Every time Jesus performed a miracle, His disciples were astounded. They brought a blind man to Jesus immediately after the story of Jesus feeding 4,000 people. They had arrived in Bethsaida.

The people begged Jesus to touch the man in order for him to be able to see again. They were aware that Jesus possessed the ability to heal people. The blind man was led out of the city by Jesus.

He healed the man by spitting on and touching his eyes. Jesus inquired if the man could see anything. When the man opened his eyes, he saw men walking around like trees. Jesus then placed His hands on the man’s eyes once more. After that, the man was able to see clearly.

Many wonderful miracles were performed by Jesus. Each of these miracles helps us understand that Jesus is God’s Son and that He has complete control over the universe.

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