Secrets Of The Secret Place. Part 1


Secrets Of The Secret Place.

Part 1.John and Rosy Wilson where overwhelmed with a feeling of a financial challenge, one evening in desperation, after making sure their kids where settled in bed, they took some time to pray and seek the help of God.

While they where together in the living room, tendering their requests to the Lord, a voice begins to speak audibly, “do you need help, call the number 911. Do you need help, call 9-1-1.”

They could hear this voice repeatedly over six to seven times, and suddenly the voice will stop. John and Rosy looked at each other mystified.

It seemed as if the voice they heard was coming from the garage, so they carefully opened the door and turned on the lights in the garage, not being sure if they would find something.

They looked around and everything seemed perfect and was in its place except for an ambulance toy which belonged to their son Prince. This toy has been left at the center of floor in the garage.

John quickly picked up the small ambulance toy, next to the toys emergency lights he pushed a button and the voice started speaking again, “do you need help? Call 911.” As they began to wonder how the toy became activated on its own, immediately the Holy Spirit whispered to John with the same words, “Do you need help, call 911 Psalm 91:1.”

When they looked closely at this scripture, it gave them a whole new meaning as they meditated on it together: “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.”

John and Rosy came to an understanding that this must be a way God wants to direct their hearts to renew their commitment, dedication and relationship to the secret place. If they can go back to the place of intimacy with Him, then God can begin to direct their finances and other their steps by his sovereign power.

By experience and personal conviction, I believe that if you want to see and encounter power by a spirit, you must understand the secret place. Gods power in unlocked to mortal men when there is a constant devotion and dedication to the secret place of the most high.

While you read on, I will share stories with you that will convince you that there is no height of power, authority and glory that you and I cannot attain if only we can absolutely understand and submit our selves to a place called, “The Secret Place.”

I am writing this with the aim to quickening and firing up the chambers of your personal prayer life. My desire and prayer is that you will say yes to a daily chase and pursuit of intimacy with Jesus in the secret place.

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