Principles Of Successful Engagement By Pastor David Ogbueli (Pt1)


There are three places the blood once slained is applied on a priest anyone coming for consecration they always apply the blood on three spots.

Firstly, the priest takes it and apply it on the ‘ear’ that’s on the mind because of hearing from God, there are things that have blocked up your direction, your hearing he said ‘Father through the blood of Jesus cleanup my spiritual perception.’

The second place they apply it, is on your ‘right hand’ because there are some things that makes people abort and nothing is coming out from it. They are making effort they are laboring but when they apply Right to I’m talking about your work, labor, and effort.

The last place they apply it is on your ‘right toe’ I’m talking about your direction, your moves and the efforts you make.

Prayer: Father in the name of Jesus I apply the blood of Jesus on my mind, on my hearing system clean up my spiritual perception let me be able to hear from God and know your direction clearly, let all the confusion in my mind disappear silence the voice of the enemies. You said that your sheep’s hear you voice and they follow you let the voice of the shepherd become clear to me.

Prayer: I apply the blood of Jesus on the labors of my hands, on my work, on my ministry, on my effort I will not have fruitless labor and I will not have aborted effort whatever I lay my hands to do will prosper and when I touch something it turns to gold because I am the seed of Abraham he said that ‘blessed is that man that is planted by the rivers of living water’ the man you are talking about is me. Whatsoever, he lays his hand shall prosper he will bring forth his fruit in his season.

I declare today no more aborted efforts, no more aborted fruits I will reap the harvest of my labor even past seeds that I have sowed that haven’t yielded harvest I call them forth into this season I call the harvest forth into this season in the name of Jesus Christ.

I apply the blood of Jesus Christ on my toes, on my walk, my moves, and my direction I will not make wasted efforts. From now Lord my steps are ordered by the Lord, my steps are ordered into good places, wherever the soles of my feet shall tread it becomes now my possession as far as my eyes can see it becomes my possession that is the covenant you have given me and I step into it and I get established on it in the name of our Lord Jesus.

And from this moment forward the force of the covenant, the power of the covenant comes alive again in my life delivering to me the blessings of Abraham. Amen.

I have a Godly heritage surely goodness and mercy shall follow all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the lord forever. That is what is written concerning you. That is what will be happening from now on and every other program the enemy has set in motion before now I over rule it in the name of Jesus Christ.

Those programs he set for your fall, those programs he set to disgrace you, by the authority vested in me, I over rule it tonight in the name of Jesus Christ, it’s your time to recover its your time to move ahead it’s your time to possess what belongs to you lift up your hands and give him praise, give him thanks.

What belongs to you will no longer shift to another person, I hear too much cries about babies, barrenness, Fallopian tube blocks, sperms dead, who told you? We are in the kingdom, here is mount Zion ‘upon mount Zion there is deliverance’ I command every dead sperm, they say that your sperm cannot be measured I command resurrection into that place now in the name of Jesus Christ every blocked Fallopian tube I command it to open right now, they said your system, your hormones are not balanced they give all those terms by the power that raised Christ from the dead we command balance, resurrection, order in your reproductive system in the name of Jesus Christ.

Stretch forth your hands be you married or not you receive your babies at the right time they are going to appear and for those who are married I command your season to be.

Now I say your season is now! I say your season is now! In the name of Jesus Christ. They say if the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you it shall quicken your mortal bodies, your hormonal system, Fallopian tubes, and your dead sperms in the name of Jesus Christ. The resurrection power I command it into your bodies right now in the name of Jesus Christ. Lift up your hands and give him praise tidal waves of the Holy Ghost is coming, father we give you praise.

A woman is here and you don’t enjoy sex at all because it’s a torture for you I see something digging place in your pain there is a supernatural work God is doing in your pain, it’s a double work he is doing one in your body, and he is doing one in your soul he is removing those pains woman you are loosed you are free from your inside to your outside you are loosed so you can enjoy your womanhood, it’s beautiful to be a woman.

God made men and made women extra so women are men extra, women are extra touch, and extra finish, it is obvious. That is why a woman that wants a marriage don’t act like a man. Opposite attracts, like pole repels that’s the law of God. Check the poles, get your magnet and try it, like poles repel, opposite poles attracts that’s why God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.


To be continued>>>>>

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