Powerful Confession For Personal Ministry

There is power in positive confession and here are some powerful confession for your personal ministry.

I decree and declare,

In the name of Jesus.

I am anointed of God.

The anointing within me grows stronger, (Repeat again x3).

The volume of my voice, gets louder, in my territory (Repeat again x3).

I spread my wings over my territory, I spread my wings over my Nation, I spread my wings over my continent, I spread my wings over the world.

Let people all over the world, hear my voice and hear my sound in all corners (Repeat this confession x3).

My anointing grows stronger, my Grace increases.

When i minister, the sick are healed, the lame walk, the blind receives their sight, the deaf hear, the dumb speaks.

When i minister, people are full of the Holy ghost, lives are saved.

When i minister, the power of God is revealed.

My anointing grows stronger. (Repeat this confession x3)

I increase in wisdom for life.

I increase in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and men (Repeat this x3)

my image appear in dreams, visions, conversations of my helpers home and abroad.

High people in high places are talking about me.

i am recommended for good everyday.

Right now, i am being spoken about everyday. The works of my hands are being recommended.

My ministry is being recommended everyday in the name of Jesus

Doors of ministry are open to me, opportunities to bless lives are open to me x2

I am not limited to my state, to my nation or territory.

My sound travels all over the world x2

I receive enlargement in my scope of influence, i dominate the spheres of influence in the name of Jesus.

My light travels very far.

I receive doors of utterance.

By my God, i run through a troop, by my God, i leap over the wall. (Repeat this confession x3)

I am a dreaded place, i am a fearful place.

When i arrive the terror of the Lord falls on the camp of the wicked.

I as one will chase a thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, one million.

I count as a million armies, i am a violent mercenary and i break the wall by storm.

Rejoice and give God all the glory.

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