Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Biography, Early Life, Age & Net worth

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder & President of Love World Incorporated referred to as Christ Embassy established in Lagos Nigeria. He was given birth to on December 7th, 1963 in Edo State, Nigeria. on this post, we’ll view Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s biography, age & net worth

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Biography, Early Life, Age & Net worth


Full Names: Chris Oyakhilome

Date of Birth: 7th December 1963

Age: 57 Years

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $50 million.

Early Life

Pastor Chris finished his high school education at Edo College before endearing a place to study Architecture at Bendel State University now  known as Ambrose Alli University as a tribute to its founder Governor Ambrose Ali.

He was nurtured in a family of faith, sustained by devoted and dedicated parents. Pastor Chris Oyakhiloome’s dad Elder T.E Oyakhilome was amongst the initiators of the Assemblies of God Church in Benin City.

His mother, Angelina, is a loving mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law who engraved her heavenly grace on her son at a tender age.

In 1991, Oyakhilome married Anita Ebhodaghe who was formerly a partner in his ministry and they were blessed with 2 daughters Sharon Oyakhilome and Charlyn Oyakhilome.

Anita Ebodaghe filed for divorce on 9 April 2014 at the Central Family Court in London and they became officially divorced in February 8 2016. After the departure, they also decided to share guardianship of their two children.

On 6 October 2018, Oyakhilome’s first daughter Sharon Oyakhilome, got married to Phillip Frimpong; a Ghanaian man, and her mother was allegedly lacking.

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Achievements Pastor Chris’s LoveWorld Ministry

Pastor Chris started his ministry by leading prayers for a few, and now, he conducts prayers for lots of people.

Pastor Chris has published a daily devotional Bible titled the Rhapsody of Realities which has been interpreted into hundreds of languages, improving the devotion of Christians everywhere in the world.

Pastor Chris has created a Healing Ministry committed to assisting those who are hopeless. The Healing School is an essential part of Dr. Chris’s Department. There are Healing Schools situated in Canada and South Africa.

Pastor Chris’s television network became the first Christian channel in 2003 to film from Africa to other part of the world. The achievement of this television ministry has made the creation of several television openings universal.

Net Worth

In 2011, Forbes rated Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s wealth at $30 million

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