Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – The Responsibility Of Prayer (Full Text & Video)


The Responsibility of Prayer By Pastor Chris

BIBLE REFERENCE: Luke18:1(‘and he spake a parable unto them to this end’). In other words, the meaning of the parable or the reason of the parable was to teach them and instruct them that men ought always to pray and not to faint, not to give up or to loos heart.

And I want you to turn to the book of Acts 12:1(‘now about the time Herod the king stretch forth his hands to vex sudden the church, and James whose brother is john died through a sword……’). Who is this James? Do you remember him?

All the time you’ve read of Peter, James and John, these were the three closest to Jesus we have the two sons of Zebedee (James and John) and here that’s the guy that was killed, he was close to Jesus. Think about it how come? How could that have happened?

He was one of the two whose mother came to Jesus and say ‘please I would like my sons to seat one on your right and one on your left in the kingdom of God. So he’s not talking about an ordinary fellow no! These gentlemen were close to Jesus he wasn’t just one of the disciples he was one of the very close.

When Jesus went to the mount of transfiguration he took three people with him, who were they? Peter, James and John, so the bible says Herod the king harassed the church he harassed the members of the church and James the brother of John was killed with a sword, where was Jesus? Where was God? Why did God let it happen?

Because they don’t understand how the kingdom of God works, why did God let it happen? You haven’t asked the right question, the right question should be, did God let it happen you can’t say why did God let it happen! Because that means you are saying he was responsible he shouldn’t have let it happen, you are claiming that it was his job to stop it.

Imagining if I say hey! You, stand up! Why didn’t you clean the floor here this morning? You would say oh! Nobody told me I was supposed to clean the it that’s what you would say I wasn’t told, I didn’t know it was my responsibility.

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So, it’s the same thing you ask ‘why did God let it happen?’ have you found out whether or not he had the responsibility to stop it? And James whose brother is john died through a sword, that got my attention. James close to Jesus was killed and God didn’t do anything to stop it could he have done something and he didn’t, what about Jesus, where was Jesus?

Could Jesus have done something about it and he didn’t, why didn’t he do it.
One of the problems among Christians is that of communication and this is because of our thinking. You know if your thinking is wrong your talking would be wrong.

We’ve never really expressed ourselves as much as the way God want us to, so when we give glory to God we tend to becloud the modus operandi behind whatever it is we are giving him glory for.

For example I say ‘God healed me, he healed me, he took the tumor out of my body’ that’s good but it’s sort of beclouds how it was done by God, let me explain further if somebody was listening he would want to know how God did it, well, he doesn’t know so God healed him. God took the tumor away so if the tumor didn’t go God didn’t take it away God didn’t heal him he didn’t do what he supposed to have done.

You see it? The way we testify sometimes doesn’t help us see the reality it’s not wrong to say God did it but it doesn’t help us understand so we take it for when he does it and when he doesn’t do it he’s responsible for doing it and he is responsible for not doing it.

How can you see it with the power of your mind, with the power of your thoughts and the power of your imagination? He said see! I have given you Jericho; he had to see it first.

Listen, the extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing.

how far your vision can go is how much you would posses.

how far can you see?

What can you see? What is your mind saying, what are your taught saying, your taught maybe keeping you in bondage tonight or your taught may keep you in the arena of glory tonight. think about it what can you see? Maybe the doctor said you would never walk again, and now all you see is that you are going to die, they are going to bury you some people are crying some people are happy.

You can’t tell why some people are crying if someone is going to die it’s not always because they love that fellow he may be owing them something and they are thinking oh don’t let him die yet because he’s going pay me! I need my money first let him pay me first and he can die!

If you are waiting upon the Lord the Lord can’t do anything for you until you see it. He can only do for you what you see that’s why he gave you a mind so you can think. Everything here came from the minds of men thoughts.

Everything here came from some good thinking, somebody had to think about this. Thomas Edison taught about light that’s why we have light. They said to him quit! He tried ten thousand times and failed he said NEVER!

Every time I fail I taught I’ve found out one more way in which it couldn’t work and I failed I was one step closer to the way it had to work until he got it and that’s why we all are here, ‘thoughts’ what can you think?

Don’t let your mind just go everywhere no! You can discipline your mind you can choose the thought to accept that’s what makes it different between the one who is disciplined and to one who is not.

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