Overcoming depression


Overcoming Depression:

Almost everyone goes through a period of sadness at some point in their lives. With a little time, most people are able to overcome it. However, for some others, the grief persists. If you’ve been depressed for a long time, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms: a growing distrust of God, resentment of others, difficulty making decisions, guilt, inactivity, sleeplessness or oversleeping, not eating or overeating, doubting, complaining, worrying, and a sense of hopelessness, as if you’re trapped in an inescapable pit.

Thankfully, as hopeless as things appear to be, there are valid reasons for optimism. You are loved by God. And He want to bless you with joy, serenity, fulfillment, and much more.

Overcoming Depression. The First Step to Assisting

According to the Bible, Jesus came so that we “may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10, NAS). Depression is unquestionably not a plentiful existence. However, you can rest assured that God desires for you to experience His peace and joy. With Him, overcoming depression can be easy. He will assist you because you are extremely valuable to Him.

Are you prepared to receive God’s “abundant life” gift? If you’re not sure, ask God to pardon you for your sins and to come into your life and govern (Romans 10:9, 10,13; I John 1:8,9; John 1:12,13).

Being “born again” is your first step to overcoming depression and this is how the Bible describes what happens when you first dedicate your life to God. You’ve become a new person spiritually. However, you must now learn a new way of life. You will be helped by God. Ask Him to thoroughly fill you with His Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13).

The Holy Spirit will empower you to live the way God wants you to live. The Holy Spirit leads, soothes, instructs, empowers, and generates the true attributes of God in a Christian: love, joy, peace, and patience.

(Galatians 5:22-24) And it is only when you live according to God’s will that you will be able to enjoy the full and joyous life he has planned for you.

God takes up home in your spirit when you are reborn. He carries with Him the promise of immense joy and peace, which He often brings right away. But what if you’ve become a Christian but are still depressed? You’re not on your own. Many religious individuals have gone through periods of intense sadness. Moses, David, and a slew of other Bible characters remind us how God’s love endures in the face of adversity, and that He eventually provides great hope.

What Can You Do?

As you desire to embark on this journey to overcoming depression, what can you do to get yourself out of a funk? It depends on the cause of your depression. There are numerous causes for this, however because more than one may exist in your life, read all of the parts below:

Physical: Physical issues might contribute to depression. Depression can be caused by a poor diet, a lack of exercise, or a lack of sleep. So, if you’re having a bad day, make sure you’re looking after your body.

Furthermore, depression can be induced by a variety of conditions (others may be caused by depression).

Additionally, several drugs have the potential to cause depression. To rule out physical causes, it’s always a good idea to see your doctor for a checkup. But keep in mind that God can heal any bodily disease, even depression, or one that is caused by depression (Psalm 103:3; Matthew 8:16-17).

Ask your prayer partner, pastor, Christian counselor, or another Christian to pray with you for God’s healing if your doctor has diagnosed a specific problem (James 5:14-16). However, if you’re on medicine for a medical condition, talk to your doctor before modifying or quitting it.

Losses and Other Injuries: It’s natural to be hurt when anything awful happens to you. You may have lost your work or other sources of income. You may have been wronged recently or in the past in some how.

A friend, family member, or spouse with whom you have a strained connection. It’s possible that a loved one has passed away. You could also be in pain because of something you’ve never had but believe you should, such as a husband or children.

It’s fine if you’re upset over anything like this. Tell God how you’re feeling. He already knows, but it’s critical that you express your pain and tell Him. Inform a trusted friend or pastor, or seek the advice of a Christian counselor. Allow yourself to cry if that is what you want to do. Grief, including crying, is a healthy part of the process.

On the crucifixion, Jesus “bore our griefs,” according to the Bible (Isaiah 53:4 NAS). He empathizes with our suffering and will bear it for us. Give Him your pain. Then make a promise to yourself not to think about it again. With the help of the Holy Spirit, overcoming depression will always be easy.

Depression can sometimes be traced back to sin. If you disregard something in your life that you know is against God’s will, you will never be at peace (I Timothy 1:19). If you know you are doing or have done something that is against God’s will, confess it to Him. Then, enlist His assistance in doing what is right. God has promised to forgive you totally and wash you from your sin if you admit it and turn away from it (I John 1:9). You may rely on Him to do the task.

If you have an ongoing sin that feels too huge to deal with, deal with it today, right now. Tell God that you will do the right thing right now with His aid. Furthermore, you may be required to take steps to make amends with individuals whom you have wronged. You may require the assistance of a pastor or Christian counselor in making your decision.

Remember to obey God in the little things. We frequently fall into greater troubles as a result of our decision to neglect Him in the tiny things. This slide can be turned around.

It will help you get back on track in the big things if you obey God in the little things. You may need to obey Him in the simplest of ways, such as waking up early enough to get to work on time without rushing.

Wrong Thinking: Before you feel depressed, what do you think about? Do you ever think to yourself, “I’m no good,” “I can’t do anything right,” or “This scenario will never change?” It’s critical that you discover what God claims to be the truth about you and your life. To find out what the genuine truth is, read the Bible carefully (Ephesians 1:18-19).

Stop telling yourself negative things once you’ve discovered what God has to say about you. Instead, learn and repeat to yourself the biblical facts that contradict your negative ideas.

Fill your mind with truths like: “For I can do everything God asks of me with the help of Christ who gives me strength and power” (Philippians 4:13); “It is he who will supply all (my) needs from his riches in glory, because of what Christ Jesus has done for (me)” (Philippians 4:19); “It is he who will supply all (my) needs from his riches in glory, because of what Christ Jesus has done for (me)” (Phil 4:19).

“God’s gift, the Holy Spirit, does not want (me) to be fearful of people, but rather to be smart and powerful, to love and enjoy being with them” (II Timothy 1:7). “Through Christ, who loved us enough to die for us” (Romans 8:37); “He personally bore the weight of our sins in his own body when he died on the cross, so that we can be free of sin and live a virtuous life from now on, for his wounds have healed ours!” (I Peter 2:24).

In Conclusion:

Admit to God that you need His support in order to enjoy a life of peace and joy. Any known sin should be repented of. Allow God’s forgiveness and purification to wash over you (I John 1:9).

Bible reading, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians can help you rebuild your spiritual life. Attend a Bible-believing church on a regular basis. Being a committed member of a church is a great approach to start growing spiritually and learning how to overcome obstacles.

If you’re still depressed, talk to your pastor or a trained Christian psychotherapist. There are solutions available to you. Finding and treating the fundamental causes of depression, on the other hand, does not always happen immediately.

Finally, don’t be shocked if, once you’ve recovered from your depression, you praise God for the difficulties you’ve faced and the good that has come from them.

While You Pray

Inquire of God about specific ideas and behaviors that He wants you to change. When He points out sin, agree with Him and ask Him to assist you in changing. Others who have wronged you should be forgiven. Thank God for His love and pray for healing and a fresh sense of joy in your life.

Study Further 

Psalm 42:4-11 describes God’s love for us.

Philippians 4:4-13 — The Correct Way to Think

Our emotions affect God — Hebrews 4:14-16

James 4:8  Repentance ensures God’s presence.

Isaiah 26:3; John 14:27 — God offers peace.


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