Inspiration Ministries Daily Devotional-Ready for a Turnaround

Inspiration Ministries Daily Devotional – July 12 2021

Topic: Ready for a Turnaround

“Arise! For this is the day that the LORD has given Sisera to you; behold, the LORD has gone out ahead of you.” – Judges 4:14 NASB

Israel had sinned, and God allowed them to be conquered by Jabin, King of Canaan. Jabin’s army possessed superior weapons, including nine hundred iron chariots. For years, he used these advantages to oppress Israel. Their situation appeared to be hopeless.

Deborah, the prophetess, was ruling over Israel at the time. She summoned Barak, the commander of her army, one day. She informed him that God had commanded him to lead a march of ten thousand men to Mount Tabor. Then she gave him a winning strategy. Her forces would entice Jabin’s army and deliver it to Barak’s hands. He agreed to proceed – but only if Deborah accompanied them.

Israel saw Sisera’s mighty army as they approached Mount Tabor. It had to have been a terrifying force. Deborah, on the other hand, knew that God was with them. She instructed Barak to get ready! God was marching in front of them. Encouraged by Deborah’s words, the army charged into battle and won a decisive victory. Their situation changed in an instant.

How often do we feel like Israel, outnumbered and up against an opponent with superior resources? We must remember, as Israel did, that God is with us. Remember that God is on your side today. Don’t be afraid to bring your problems to Him. Have faith in Him. Follow His Word and the leading of His Spirit. Believe that He can change your situation. Move forward bodly by faith.



Father, I entrust the following situations to You: . I believe You are capable of accomplishing anything. I am confident in Your victory. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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Judges 4

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