Inspiration Ministries Daily Devotional: Honour God’s Word


Inspiration Ministries Daily Devotional: Honour God’s Word

King Jehoiakim sat beside a fire, listening to words written on a scroll by Jeremiah. Jehoiakim was displeased with these statements and cut the scroll apart, section by section. Some officials begged him not to burn the scroll while he cut and listened. But it didn’t matter to Jehoiakim that God had given Jeremiah the words. Jehoiakim was, after all, the king. As a result, he flung the shattered scroll into the fire, where it was destroyed.

But he still had a lot to learn! Jeremiah merely dictated another scroll, even though he added “many similar words” (v. 32). Jehoiakim may burn a scroll, but God’s Word “stands in heaven” eternally (Psalm 119:89).

Many individuals feel the same way about the Bible. According to a recent research, less than one-third of Americans think the Bible is God’s Word. Other countries have a smaller percentage. Many people accept some portions but reject others.

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They are unwittingly following in the footsteps of Jehoiakim. They claim the authority to dissect the Bible and pick what they believe to be true. Many do so with little regard for the repercussions, unconcerned about God or what He might do!

Make certain that you do not waver or compromise. Make a commitment to the Bible. It is the Word of God. Read it! Know it! Examine it! It’s true! Obey it! God will reward you for your dedication and unwavering obedience.

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