In touch Daily Devotional: Because He Came, We Must Go


In touch Daily Devotional: Because He Came, We Must Go. Luke 2:40-52

It is becoming more common for businesses and organizations to create mission statements in order to stay focused on what is most important. But the concept isn’t new—we can see that Jesus was focused on the mission that His Father assigned to Him. He was able to identify His purpose at the age of 12 by telling His parents that He needed to be in His Father’s house (Luke 2:49).

Do you have a clear understanding of God’s mission for your life? The global mandate of the Great Commission is so vast that we sometimes lose sight of how to implement it locally. People are saved one at a time, whether at home or abroad, and God uses ordinary Christians as His messengers of the gospel.

We must not overlook the opportunities that God provides in our own communities and workplaces. Ina D. Ogdon’s old hymn “Brighten the Corner Where You Are” reminds us of this truth: “Do not wait until some great deed you may perform; Do not wait to shed your light afar.”
Be true to the many responsibilities that are always close at hand.
Make a difference in the corner where you are.

The Bible in a Year: Isaiah 43-45

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