How To Overcome Malice.


Malice is simply a desire or intent to commit evil. This desire to cause harm, injury pain and suffering to another person is malice and understanding how Malice works and how to overcome it can guaranty you great success in your Christian journey.

Malice is sin before God and its majorly contributes to fight and eventually murder. A good biblical example of malice recorded is the case of Cain and Abel. Abel was killed by his brother Cain because he was jealous and that jealousy gave birth to Malice.

The human heart id where Malice emanates from and Christians must guard their heart with all diligence by allowing the Holy Spirit to find expression in them and by putting on the full armor of Jehovah.

You don’t need to dwell on malicious thoughts rather ask God to help you overcome it immediately.

You can fight it. Yes you can by wrestling it out with God in the place of prayer and the study of God’s word. Ensure you also forgive other quickly and make sure that the past is now history.

One of the dangers of living in Malice is that you truncate your growth spiritually. So whatever in you or around you that is contributing to this sin must be rooted out. These things can be Your TV, secular music, negative influences and associations.

You must begin to live intentionally with righteous and godly things. You must be filled with the Holy Spirit. When you have the holy spirit, he leads you into all truth and helps you to overcome the spirit of Malice.

Malice can be very dangerous. Below are some dangers of malice you should know as a Christian .

1. Malice comes from the Devil the enemy of God.

2. Malice creates room for bad spirits such as bitterness and anger to torment a Christian.

3. Malice may create room fro sickness and diseases upon you and you household.

4. Malice can make one live like an accursed person.

6. Malice brings God’s judgement upon such person, their children, and grand children.

7. Malice invites death.


What The Bible Says…

  1. Isaiah 58:9-11: This verses reassures us of God’s continuous blessings and protection is we put away pointing fingers and malicious thoughts and talk from amongst us.
  2. Titus 3:2-6: The word of God instructs us to be peaceable and considerate with everyone, never to slander or maliciously attack
  3. Ephesians 4:30-32: Put away all bitterness, anger, wrath, quarreling and slander be put away. Being kind to others, forgiving and compassionate just as Jesus Christ forgave us all.

Other Scriptures to Ponder on Include:

1. Collosians 3:5

2. Proverbs 26: 25-26

3. 1Peter 2:1


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