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How To Manage Your Anxiety In A World Gone Mad


A time will approach when men will go insane, and when they see someone who is not insane, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are insane; you are not like us. – St. Anthony the Great

When I was in basic school, I studied a book about the end of the world that was not age-appropriate. For weeks, I was terrified of what impending doom was surely headed our way. That sense of impending doom has been with me for years. I pinpoint my lifelong struggle with fear and anxiety reading that book.

I’ve been afraid of dying, afraid of failing, afraid of someone I love dying or being sick—and that was just yesterday! But through the years, I’ve learned to process my anxiety and fear in a way that has actually set me free.

Now, I write, speak, and offer counseling to help people who are struggling with anxiety and fear. Unfortunately, anxiety is on the rise like never before. And when anxiety, worry, and fear are high, those emotions have the power to create chaos and destruction in our personal lives and society.

The good news is, anxiety doesn’t have to ruin your life. In fact, you can become an instrument of peace by holding on to a few truths I want to share about how to manage your anxiety in the middle of a world gone mad.

Two Kinds of Madness (Anger and Fear) Are Connected

For the record, there are two kinds of insanity going on right now—but they are linked.

There’s angry madness—people are lashing out and taking to the streets to express years of pent up rage.

But that kind of madness is the result of another kind of madness: the insanity that happens when we are driven by fear. To comprehend that fear-driven madness, you need to understand fear.

Whenever we feel fear or anxiety, it’s always because we feel a threat to our:

  1. Security (physical, emotional, or financial),
    2. Connection (relationships, feeling valued, self-esteem), or
    3. Control (our empowerment and ability to make choices).

All three of those areas are being threatened right now.

When we feel threatened, sensible thought goes out the door and we just react to whatever we feel is intimidating us. Typically, that reaction is anger. Anger is always a result of fear. So both kinds of madness are directly connected to fear running wild in our world.

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Fear Is Primal, But Not Necessarily Rational

Fear is the first emotion Adam and Eve felt when they realized they were naked and vulnerable. We’ve all felt fear, anxiety, and worry ever since. Because fear is primal, it isn’t necessarily rational.

In fact, when we feel frightened, our mind shifts into fight-or-flight mode. Brain activity moves from the pre-frontal cortex (the rational problem-solving part of your brain) to the cortex (the primal brain). Fear drives us to act, but it’s not necessarily decent or rational action.

And this is the arena for managing your anxiety.

Because fear is a primal emotion, it’s not necessarily rational. There are some fears you can talk yourself out of with evidence-based method, but it’s a unusual person that can do that. Fear is a strong emotion that can drive even the most sensible among us.

Most of the time the only way to drive out fear is with something tougher. Fortunately, there is one thing that is much stronger than fear.

There is absolutely no fear in love, but absolute love shoves out fear. – 1 John 4:18

Love over Fear

The only way to handle your anxiety, worry, and fear in a world gone mad is to overrun your fear with a personal experience of love—God’s perfect love.

We start handling our fear by knowing that “neither death, life, angels, rulers, things present, things to come, powers, height, depth, nor whatsoever else in all creation, is capable of separating us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38)

That’s the kind of love that gives us the courage to move forward and live our lives, in spite of fear. We can’t just sit around and wait for fear to go away. It won’t. It has to be faced. When you face the thing you fear in small doses, God sustains you, and it builds your faith. But you have to take the steps of faith first.

This is why fear and faith aren’t opposites. Fear is just belief that evil things will occur. Faith is trusting that God’s love is obtainable in a real way to comfort and encourage us through our fears. But that kind of faith involves action. Faith is walking into the uncertainty established solely in our assurance in God’s love, even while sensing fear.

But it’s almost impossible to take action on faith when you’re cowering and hiding, living on a steady diet of fear and bad news. You have to spot the cumulative effect of consuming ongoing bad news and negativity.

You can’t live in faith by feeding yourself with a steady diet of fear. Faith comes through experiencing God’s faithfulness. When you experience his love in action, it builds more faith.

Express Your Faith in the Face of Fear

But you don’t just sit in that love and faith. You have to move out and express that love to others. You have to take the risk, face your fear, and step out in the insane world so you can show love.

Faith takes action, based on belief. Faith is needed when things are really dark and you can’t see the path ahead. Faith is a risk. Loving a world gone mad is a risk—you may get injured. But when we take the risk, two powerful things happen:

  1. We gain the benefits of experiencing God’s love flowing through us, which naturally drives out our own fear.
  2. The world experiences God’s love flowing to them, through us, which drives out their fear.

God’s Love Is the Answer

God’s love is the answer for a world gone mad. Don’t be seated waiting for fear to go away before you express love.

It’s hazardous, frightening but the great things God has for us and the world are usually on the other side of facing our greatest fears. This is our moment.

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30 Declarations To Speak Over Your Life


30 Declarations To Speak Over Your Life

1. I have the life of God in Me. The Blessings of God is released upon me today. I experience the overflowing goodness of God over my life.
2. My greatness is increased on every side. I am elevated to a higher realm of power and glory.
3. Unimaginable blessings and success is coming my way in the name of Jesus.
4. God’s faithfulness is my experience everyday. i am not perturbed, I am not dismayed for my trust is in Him. My God never fails.
5. All the promises of God upon my life shall be my experience
6. I am destined to excel
7. I am destined to succeed
8. Failure is not in my nature
9. I Soar, I Prevail, I Excel.
10. I have dominion over sin, sickness and challenges.

11. Life is easy for me.

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12. God’s power and strength is at work in me.

13. I will accomplish everything the Lord has designed for me.

14. I will live to fulfill destiny

15. This is my time, this is my moment.

16. My God is ordering my steps everyday

17. I will not be put to shame.

18. I bear the mark of excellence and integrity

19. Each day is a gift from God and I will cherish it.

20. The blessings of the Lord is my portion each day

21. Everything is working out for my good.

22. I am a wonder to my generation.

23. I will make an impact in my generation.

24. God’s mercy and goodness is my portion

25. I receive divine help day by day

26. Kings shall come to my lifting

27. Supernatural doors are opening for me day by day.

28. I am designed for victory and nothing can stop me.

29. I am unstoppable and untouchable in Christ Jesus.

30. I will make heaven at last.

These declarations will change your life if you believe and become consistent in it.

God bless you.

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Powerful Bible Declarations To Speak Over Your Life Daily (PT1)

powerful bible declarations

There is a lot of significance when you begin to release powerful bible declarations over your life daily. As you build this new habit of waking up and declaring God’s word in your life, you activate each day supernaturally.

Sometimes, as we declare God’s word over your life, we tend to think that it  produces no results, because we do not see any major difference significantly in the natural realm, but that’s not true.

When you speak God’s word over your life daily, you are warring in the spirit and a lot is already taken place in the supernatural.

The truth is, when we confess God’s word, it helps align our prayers to the will of the Father. We bring things that are not in existence into existence when we speak God’s word over our lives because there is so much power in spoken words.

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Personally, i have made up my mind to be intentional in this subject. I want to walk in the fullness of the power of God in me. There is no more room to talk defeated, worn out and less of who i am in Christ Jesus.

The death of Jesus, brought life in full, so i refuse to let my challenges and circumstances determine how my life and day will go.

IF you feel the same and have also made such decision, then let’s begin our day with these powerful bible declarations To speak over your Life daily.

Powerful Bible Declarations To Speak Over Your Life Daily

My God has made me the head and not the tail, i am above only (Deuteronomy 28:13).

I am above and on top only, i will never go below (Deuteronomy 28:13).

I have the Joy of the Lord in me, and His Joy strengthens me (Nehemiah 8:10).

I am blessed in my going out and in my coming in (Deuteronomy 28:6).

I have the life and power of God to do all things, by His strength only (Philippians 4:13).

I don’t have the spirit of timidity and fear, I am possessed by the spirit of love, power and self control (2 Timothy 1:7).

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Fear will never get hold of me because God lives in me. (Isaiah 41:10).

I am a new creation in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

I am set free from every form of darkness in this world (Colossians 1:12-13).

The One who lives in me is greater than the one who live in this world (1 John 4:4).

I have the spirit of God living inside of me (1 Corinthians 3:16).

I live, talk and walk by faith and not by what i see (2 Corinthians 5:7).

No weapon fashioned against me shall ever come to pass (Isaiah 54:17).

My needs are supplied richly by my God (Philippians 4:19).

I dwell under God’s supernatural preservation (Psalm 91:1-2).

My God has a great plan for me to give me a blessed , prosperous

God has great plans for me and I am filled with hope for a great future. (Jeremiah 29:11).


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Spiritual life

Overpowering a Dangerous/life-threatening Spirit

Overpowering a Dangerous/life-threatening Spirit

Do you judge others? Is it easy for you to locate errors with those around you? Then be careful: Your spiritual life is in danger. On this post, we’ll be viewing the topic overpowering a dangerous/life-threatening spirit

Why We Judge

We judge for our own egotistic benefits. For instance, we sometimes become critical when comparing ourselves to those around us. We try to locate errors in others to attest that we are clever, good looking, better-off or richer. But these are self-centered motives.

We only want to feel good about ourselves. We get critical when others do not perform what we request from them. Regularly, it is a family member, peers associates who fails to meet our needs. Our expectations lead to a judgmental attitude.

Even our own frustrations can lead to a critical attitude. If life is not turning out the way we want, we hide our own defeats by looking for faulty ones.  A critical attitude can hamper your relationship with God and confuse you from God’s determinations for your life.

Do not Judge

Discovering errors and being critical are some of the simplest things to do. They appear to arise naturally to us. But Jesus informed us not to judge “lest you be judged” (Matt. 7:1, NASB). We should abide by his command.

Jesus further enlightened why a critical behavior is dangerous: “God will be harsh on you as you were on them, he will offer you the same treatment you offered them” (v.2).

When we judge, we summon verdict on ourselves. The word of God affirms that “verdict will be painful to he who has displayed no pity” (James 2:13).

By passing verdict on, others, we hide our own errors. For instance, when the religious leaders carried a woman to Jesus who was caught engaging in sexual activity, they wanted to kill her. But Jesus replied, “If none of you has ever erred, then come forth and cast the first stone at her” (John 8:7). No one threw any.

God alone reserves the right to pass verdict on everybody (Romans 14:4). Allow God take revenge. The Lord declares, `I am the one to take vengeance and repay them back'” (Romans 12:19).

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Overpowering a Dangerous/life-threatening Spirit

The Cure for Criticism

Judgment is very important. The Bible says that “God is a virtuous judge” (Psalm 7:11, NASB). The cure for criticism is established in comprehending the nature of God’s verdict. The Bible states that everyone is an offender. This iniquity drives a lump amongst God and man, and merits verdict (Romans 3:23; 6:23).

Irrespective of how “decent” we think we are, “all our good performances are like grimy apparel” (Isaiah 64:6,). We cannot make up for all the evil things we have committed.

Left alone, we still merit God’s verdict, death and everlasting torment in a place the Bible referred to as a “lake of scorching sulfur” (Rev. 19:20).Just God can gratify the verdict against us for our iniquities.

God led His Son to the world to pay the ransom of our iniquities. Jesus Christ seized our judgment on himself and passed away in our place. In return, God gives to every person all His blessings comprising everlasting life, pardon, harmony, happiness and hope if only we reverence Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

If we really comprehend the verdict that we each merit from God, we would be less disposed to judge/criticize others.

Giving Grace Instead

Have you learnt to obtain God’s grace and mercy? This is the first step to overpowering a dangerous/life-threatening spirit. If you’ve never appreciated God for the ransom he gave, do so now. Only atone for your iniquities and hand your existence over to Him (Acts 3:19; Romans 10:9, 10).

If you acknowledge Jesus as your Redeemer, show gratitude to Him for His grace and mercy. Appreciate Him for pardoning your iniquities. Appreciate him for granting you another chance at life.

Now, grant loveliness and compassion to others, Jesus said, “Easily you obtained, offer easily” (Matt. 10:8, NASB). Instead of judgment, spread God’s love to those nearby, commencing t with family, friends and co-workers. Frequently those nearby to us feel the punitive effects of our judgmental approaches.

From now on when you sense the invitation to become dangerous, follow Jesus’ clear teaching to observe a critical look at your own life first (Matt. 7). Beg God for forgiveness of your iniquities.

Recollect, it’s easy to be critical. The errors of others are regularly noticeable by us. In these times we need to make sure we offer grace instead. Appreciate God for those individuals and request from the Lord to bless them and divulge his intentions to them.

It’s quite simple: God has granted you mercy. He has paid the debt for your sins. Now, the only obligation you owe is to give his love and compassion to others, for “mercy triumphs over judgment” (James 2:13; NASB).

In conclusion, ensure to devote time with God in prayer and meditate on the word of God. As you study the word of God, ask him to assist you to be tolerant with those around you. In time, you will change from a fault-finder to a grace-giver as you learn to live like Jesus lived.

God’s Word on Condemnation

“Constantly be modest and mild. Tolerantly put up with each other and love each other. Endeavour to allow God’s Spirit retain your hearts joint. Do this by existing in harmony” Eph. 4:2,3.

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