How To Build Wealth God’s Way


God has built an unbreakable wealth-creation system! Are you involved with it? Find out with these 8 Keys to God’s Wealth System.

Everything is answered with money. Many Christians’ immediate reaction to that statement would be to declare that it is carnal, selfish, and contrary to biblical values. Nonetheless, it is a verbatim quotation from Ecclesiastes 10:19. Money is a necessity in this life, therefore wanting it is not selfish—it is required.

Even if all you want to do is walk the streets evangelizing, which doesn’t cost much money, you still need food, clothing, and housing. You still require funds!

God desires that you have money for three reasons:

  • To support Kingdom work. It costs money to “travel into all the world and proclaim the gospel”!
  • To provide adequately for your own household That is your responsibility, not your family’s or the government’s. God has called you to labor in order for you to provide for yourself.
  • To conquer the earth. To achieve dominion over the globe, we must control the majority of the resources. For example, if you don’t like the immorality on the billboard outside your office, here’s what you should do: Take control of the billboard. If the magazines in the store are offensive, buy them. That is how you conquer the earth.

Some denominations who declare we should not talk about money are frequently the ones whose members also labor 80 hours per week to earn every dollar they can. Many folks in the faith camp, on the other hand, are waiting for Publisher’s Clearinghouse to come up on their doorstep rather than focusing on the spiritual role effort plays in the manifestation of God’s blessings.

Buddy Pilgrim, strategic advisor to Kenneth Copeland Ministries, founder of Integrity Leadership, and former president of poultry behemoth Pilgrim’s Pride, believes that we must connect our thinking about money with God’s so that we can operate inside His system.

If you’re ready to make a financial shift, here are eight keys to God’s wealth system that you may discover now.

1. God Is Your Exclusive Source

“And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” 4:19 (NKJV)

The concept is simple, but getting to the point where you let God be your single source of provision requires a lot of spiritual labor. “If someone will not work, he should not eat,” the Bible says (2 Thessalonians 3:10, CJB), because God is the Creator of work. He never intended for us to put our trust and hope in our work alone. He also did not intend for you to use anything else as a source, including your family, credit cards, or the government. He is your supply source. What does He provide?

  • Everything you need to succeed.
  • The ability to generate wealth
  • Any form of ability

Consider this. The Bible does not declare that God will make you wealthy; rather, it states that He will give you the ability to create wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). That is, when you obey His orders, He will always give you something to work on, anoint your abilities, and bring THE BLESSING on the scene.

Buddy Pilgrim believes that knowing your calling, staying focused on your calling, and eventually executing your calling with a faithful heart are the keys to allowing God to be your Source.

2. The only system that generates wealth is business.

“Do business till I return.” -Luke 19:13 (ESV)

Christians often expect the wealth transfer mentioned in Proverbs 13:22 to be a physical event. But God’s scheme is a never-ending flow of wealth into the hands of the pious. That system is business. That doesn’t mean that everyone is called to start a business, but we all engage in business in some way, whether through our work, purchases, or investments.

The trade of commodities or services for profit or economic advantage is known as business. When you work, you are selling your services. As a result, you are now a part of the system. However, don’t dismiss the possibility of being called to own or run a business in some capacity. As Christians, we are supposed to rule—and business is a tremendous location of influence in this world that the godly should rule.

Another way we engage in God’s business system is as patrons. When you pay money to a company, you are moving wealth from the Kingdom of Light to whatever that company represents. And if you own a business, you are bringing money from the world of sin into the world of righteousness.

Then there’s the interaction with a business that we all have virtually every day. The way we treat another man’s business (his wealth generating system) determines the success you perceive in your own money. “If you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?” says Luke 16:12. (NKJV).

For example, if you go to a fast-food restaurant and take a handful of sauce and then put the most of it in the trash, you are mistreating someone else’s wealth-creation mechanism. When you rent a hotel room or a car, how you handle what belongs to someone else and their ability to develop riches can influence your ability to receive God’s supernatural intervention in your own attempts to build wealth.

The more devoted we are in these things, the more we will prove ourselves worthy of THE BLESSING OF THE LORD ON OUR WORK.

3. Every Business Necessitates Work

“All hard work results in profit.” 14:23 (Proverbs) (NIV)

Work is neither a curse nor a toil. Despite this, we frequently hear people moan about their work or how much they dread Mondays. That’s because they haven’t realized that their profession is more than just a wage. Work was created by God, thus it must be good!

God promises to bless the work of your hands. That implies you can expect far more than a normal return on your investment. “In all labor there is profit,” says Proverbs 14:23 (NKJV), and you realize that He means far more than a natural increase. He promises that whatever you set your hands to will prosper and succeed, and that when your heart is pure and you are obeying, His blessing on your work will send you farther and quicker than you could ever go on your own. You’ll get promoted when you least expect it, given a raise when you don’t deserve it, and offered opportunities that most people only dream about.

A Prayer for Prosperous Work can be found here.

4. Business is both our promised land and our testing ground.

“God tried Abraham…”  -Genesis 22:1 (NKJV)

Abraham was a wealthy man, but it was only after a period of testing and the subsequent BLESSING of the Lord that he was able to enter the Promised Land of prosperity.

Today, business is what the land was to Abraham: it is our promised land and testing ground. Abraham had to first prove himself faithful; similarly, if we want the result (wealth) of employment and business, we must first prove ourselves faithful. We accomplish this by being:

Faithful in the smallest details. Be consistent in how you handle money, how you treat other businesses, and how you live.

We are content with where we are right now. If you work for a school, concentrate your efforts on its achievement. If you work in a restaurant, strive for excellence and be a positive representative of the establishment. Because its success will lead you to yours.

Even when working for unjust masters, he remains faithful. Determine to be a faithful steward on the job, even if your boss isn’t so lovely, like Laban. He adjusted Jacob’s wages ten times. Nonetheless, Jacob continued to be a devoted steward of Laban’s farm. When he attempted to depart, Laban replied, “I’ll pay you whatever you want.” When you accomplish good work, you may define your worth.

Trustworthy in another person’s business. When you patronize another business, you are visiting someone else’s wealth-creation mechanism. Your reward will be determined by how you treat that system.

When you are faithful in your work, you will experience the Bible definition of blessed, which says that a blessed man is like a tree planted by streams of water, whose leaf does not wither. Everything he does is successful. That is God’s plan: for His people to be planted by a constant supply of everything they require.

“Other than the Lord, I credit my wife for praying Psalm 1 over me every day with the amazing success I’ve received,” Buddy Pilgrim adds.

5. All Wealth Transfers Are Work-Related

“The wealth of a sinner is saved for the righteous.” -Psalms 13:22 (NIV)

Some Christians are hoping for a miracle—for money to fall into their laps out of nowhere. However, God-ordained wealth transfers are always tied to labour. Remember the widow mentioned in 2 Kings 4:1-7? She was trapped financially, with no way out. Her husband had died, leaving her to raise her two sons alone. She didn’t have any money, and creditors were pounding on her door, threatening to grab and sell her two children as slaves. Despite the fact that her husband “revered the Lord,” the debt was NOT miraculously wiped. Instead, the prophet Elisha gave her something she could do that would pave the way for a supernatural wealth transfer: gather and fill flasks with oil.

When you have a financial need, don’t anticipate money to appear on your doorstep. God’s power to bless you is linked to what you do—your labor, whether it is employment or other work. Expect to get your hands dirty. “Thank You, God, for providing opportunities for me to put my hands to work so that You may prosper me,” say aloud.

6. Christians Must Reclaim Their Land

“You will be the head, not the tail,” says the Lord. 28:13 (Deuteronomy) (NKJV)

Christians appear to have grown complacent when it comes to gaining ownership, but the Bible is clear—we are to acquire territory and have dominion over the earth! As a result, it’s past time for believers to begin expecting to claim more and more land. It’s time to reclaim the land!

You may be thinking, “Well, I’m a teacher.” I can’t go any further than my classroom. Don’t limit yourself in your profession! God never remains in the range of possibility. Begin praying that God will assist you in acquiring your land, then watch and see how He works in miraculous ways in your life. There is land to claim no matter what your vocation, but it begins with an attitude of expectancy and a desire to obey God’s charge to rule the earth.

7. Wealth Transfers Are Commonplace

“Their leaves do not wither.” -Psalm 1:3

You may have always considered money transfers to be one-time, miraculous happenings, but in God’s system, wealth transfers are daily occurrences. There is a transfer of wealth every time money changes hands. As a result, the more Christians who position themselves to own and run enterprises, the more money will flow into the Kingdom. Even when you acquire stock, you are being involved in a corporation and should expect a wealth transfer! Declare your investment! “I claim miraculous wealth transfers for every investment in which I am involved, and I ask You, Lord, to honor and prosper the labor of my hands,” you say.

If you’re waiting for a miracle, you’re going to miss it! “I would rather walk perpetually in supernatural health than ever need miraculous healing,”

Jerry Savelle says. The same is true with money. We will never need a money miracle if we consistently walk in a supernatural financial blessing. THAT IS A BLESSING

8. Possession of the Land Is Required

“Fill and subdue the earth; take dominion…” 1:28 -Genesis (NKJV)

This is the Bible’s first command. Take command. Possession of the land is not optional, selfish, or a luxury—it is a requirement. It is time for Christians to take our mission seriously and become a constructive influence in the world, rather than being controlled by those who desire to do evil.

When you apply these eight principles to your life and learn to perceive yourself as part of God’s wealth system, you will reach levels of success you never imagined imaginable. It is now time to take possession of the property. Now get to work!

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