How Much Is The Cost Of This Building?


How Much Is The Cost Of This Building?

Pastor Chris Oyakihilome the Founder and President of Believers Love World also known as Christ Embassy once shared a story that really touched my heart and moved my Spirit and i will like to share this with you.

Years ago, the Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa made a very powerful statement during the dedication of their Church building called the Faith Dome. The faith dome was at that time the biggest and beautiful church structure at that time.

He said, you may ask how much this building cost, and I will tell you how much it costs. This building cost is a five letter word, “FAITH”.

It cost faith  to have this structure standing today. Everyone in that building looked at him in confusion and many did not understand what he meant. But the late Archbishop was right.

FAITH IS A SUBSTANCE– it is more valuable than dollars, pounds euros or any other currency you know in the world.

I have written an article on Bible Verses About Faith And The Promises of God that can help you better understand what faith means.

Faith is better, far much better. If you’ve got this substance, Nothing will fail in your hands. Money, friendship, relationships, and material acquisitions can fail, but faith, love and hope cannot fail.

Here are some resource articles on faith that will bless you.

Bible Verses About Faith And The Promises of God

How Then Do We Move Our Mountains By Faith?

Faith: Cold Soup

30 Declarations To Speak Over Your Life

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