Homosexual Preaching: Atheist defends Christian Evangelist Amid Arrest


Evangelist Ryan Schiavo, an American street preacher, was arrested in the United Kingdom last month after publicly preaching about his beliefs on homosexual life and the consequences of homosexuality — and his legal situation has some people scratching their heads.

Schiavo was charged with breaking Section 4A of the Public Order Act, which prohibits unpalatable behavior in public places.

“[The law] prohibits people from harassing, alarming, or distressing others,” Christian Post reporter Ryan Foley said on “The Christian Post Podcast.”

“A person is also guilty of an offense if he uses threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behavior, or if he engages in disorderly behavior — or if he displays any threatening, abusive, or insulting writing, sign, or other visible representation.”

Among other details, Foley revealed that during Schiavo’s detention, an atheist man who openly disagreed with Schiavo’s views came forward to defend him. Schiavo was arrested despite his efforts.

Read the entire article on homosexual preaching and listen to the discussion here:

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