Growing In Faith – What Every Believer Must Know

Growing In Faith.     2 Thessalonians 1:1-4

Faith isn’t a one-time occurrence that only serves to lead us into salvation. Unfortunately, some Christians never move above this basic degree of faith. However, God desires that our relationship with Him continue to grow.

The willingness to trust the Lord impacts all aspect of our lives, including how we feel, what we do, and how He rewards us. It comes down to our focus in various ways: Do you notice the difficulty of the circumstances when you encounter hardships or heartbreak, or do you recognize the magnificence of our Father? Another way to put it is, “Whose voice are you listening to?”

How Then Do We Move Our Mountains By Faith?

Our emotions are also influenced by our focus. Those who choose to believe in God enjoy peace and joy. When we doubt, though, it is easy for anxiety and fear to seep in. Instead of resting in Christ, we stress and fume, attempting to foresee all possible events and solve difficulties in our own strength.

Faith: Cold Soup

We must understand that our faith is really important to God, and He delights in seeing it grow. He has the power to move heaven and earth in order to act on our behalf and answer our prayers, and He delights in our choosing to believe that. We shall discover new thrill and adventure in life if we trust Him. We’ll also realize that our Father is always trustworthy.


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