Former Satanist John Ramirez Becomes a Christian after having an Experience in Hell.


Ex-Satanist John Ramirez has memories of worshiping the devil, practicing witchcraft, and delving into the occult realm for decades with family members who were active witches.

Ramirez, who is now 57 and works as an evangelist, said he will never forget the night he decided to “live with the Lord Jesus Christ” 22 years ago.

Ramirez claimed that on that night in 1999, God gave him a “life-altering, out-of-body experience” in which he transcended his physical form and boarded a train bound for “Hell fast.”

John Ramirez recently told The Christian Post that during his out-of-body experience, he recalled sitting on a train that was traveling faster than anything on the planet.

“There were passengers on the train as well, and I could perceive the terror of panic on their faces, but I couldn’t see their faces,” he explained. “They knew they were leaving and they knew they weren’t coming back.”

“Also, Jezebel, a demon principality, was on the train, shrieking from across the aisle in demonic tongues, labeling me a traitor. The train exploded directly into Hell, and the doors were opened “He continued.

“When I stepped off the train in Hell, the ground was breathing like a human being.” I met folks in Hell who were involved in the occult but were still alive on Earth. God later revealed to me that these people would not repent.”

He described his encounter as life-changing, similar to the Apostle Paul’s change. He is now an evangelist for Jesus Christ, working to win hearts all across the world and set captives free through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Following that night in 1999, Ramirez has spent the last two decades teaching the holy Gospel and sharing his witness of God’s grace in His life around the world.

Out of the Devil’s Cauldron: A Journey from Darkness to Light is one of his novels. On Oct. 12, he will release his new book, Conquer Your Deliverance: How to Live a Life of Total Freedom.

His ministry, John Ramirez Ministries, provides a variety of spiritual warfare programs, publications, and courses that are available online. He stated that his mission in Christ is to fight the good fight against the reign of darkness and to point people to Jesus’ cross. Ramirez has appeared in several places to give his testimony.

His Puerto Rican parents, who practiced Santeria, introduced him to the occult when he was eight years old. The belief system combines components of Roman Catholic teaching with spirit worship and animal sacrifice.

John Ramirez frequently tells others about how he was once trained by witches and warlocks to be a member of a satanic cult and how he rose to become a high-ranking warlock in the highest level of the occult, casting powerful witchcraft spells and “controlling entire regions and astro projecting and cursing regions under the name of Satan and his kingdom.”

Ramirez eventually admitted to selling his soul to the devil in a “diabolical, blood-soaked rite.”

Ramirez describes how he would aggressively “recruit souls” into this “unholy kingdom” by “haunting” the bars and clubs of New York City at night to find his “next victims” in his testimony.

“Jesus Christ’s love is in my heart, and what He has done in my life is genuinely supernatural,” Ramirez said to CP. “Many individuals have been harmed by witchcraft and demonic forces, and I am here now to set others free because God set me free.”

“In Christ, I am free,” he added. “Today, I know my purpose and destiny in Christ.”

According to Ramirez, “one of the biggest tricks of the enemy is to pretend to make life easier and allow people to participate in the great lie.” People are unaware that these consequences will take them directly to Hell.”

“People want a microwave effect,” says the author “He went into detail. “It felt like being in the devil’s domain was like being in a microwave: you get it fast and you lose it fast. But the devil comes later to collect.”

Putting his confidence in God is a unique and worthwhile experience for Ramirez. He emphasized “When [people] sell their souls to the devil, they surrender their purpose and destiny.”

“Everyone’s soul belongs to God, and no one ever genuinely sells their soul to the devil because their soul will always belong to God, their Creator,” he explained. “However, selling your soul to the devil is another way of stating you are giving the devil your concentration, dedication, and time.” You are committing to something that is unworthy and will not yield a positive return in the end.”

People who sell their souls to the devil, on the other hand, will have to “face God at the end of time in the final judgment,” Ramirez concluded.

“The final say belongs to God,” he said.

Ramirez recently appeared in a guest role in California. On July 17, he delivered a sermon, gave his testimony, and took part in a Q&A with an audience at the “Explosive Spiritual Warfare & The Prophetic” event, which was livestreamed on YouTube.

During the occasion, Ramirez told the audience that God has called him to East Coast and West Coast ministries, as well as ministries all around the world. He claimed that God has plans for California and the rest of the world for Jesus Christ.

In response to an audience member’s query, he remarked, “There’s a spirit of pride and religion that runs Hollywood, and the altar of Satan is [placed] in Hollywood.” “We are going to reclaim Hollywood from California.”

He exhorted congregations to “never abandon your place because God never created anyone to run [from where He is calling them to go].”

Coming from a background in which he went to church during the day and performed witchcraft at night, Ramirez told the audience that they might be the generation who knows how to “fight, shake, demolish, and uproot the satanic assignment of their lives.”

“A religious spirit is, in fact, a demonic spirit. That is the same spirit who assassinated Jesus. “The spirit of religion is a disease that is killing the Church from inside, and the devil is into religion,” he claims.

“The only way to have Jesus is to have a genuine experience… The battle was won at the cross. ‘It is completed,’ Jesus remarked, implying that [He] went to great lengths to wage your battle. Everything Jesus did was to prepare the believers to fight the good battle.”

John Ramirez believes that “many Christians flee where God is asking them to go by pushing their God-given assignment under the rug.” Many have been “running away and not addressing the enemy who is in front of them,” he preached.

“It’s time to stop talking about the enemy and start confronting him,” he said. “Through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the battle has been won.”

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