Daily Devotional – Prepare For Battle


The Romans ruled an empire that stretched from Britain to the Caspian Sea for ages. They gradually got overconfident. Discipline had deteriorated, and corruption had undermined their resolve.

Then, in August 378 AD, Rome confronted a Visigoth army at Adrianople (in modern Turkey). They anticipated an easy victory. However, as military historian Bevin Alexander pointed out, the Romans were unaware that they were confronting a “new type of warrior” with new weapons and methods. The Goths fought a unique type of war for which the Romans were unprepared. The Romans believed they were unbeatable in battle. The Goths, on the other hand, surprised them and crushed the Roman force.


The Bible describes a similar situation in which Moab gained confident in their talents and fortresses. They had “grown arrogant toward the Lord” rather than being humble, vigilant, or prepared to meet their attackers. As a result, even their great troops were unable to repel the attacks.


Are you up for a challenge? Request that God examine your heart and intellect to ensure that you are not overconfident. Keep in mind that you are fighting a spiritual battle. Take the wars going on around you seriously. Do not believe you are immune to attack. Humble yourself and put on God’s whole armor (Ephesians 6:10-17). Pray and have faith in Him. Prepare for victory by going into fight prepared.


Reflection Question: Personalize each part of Ephesians 6:11-18 as a prayer.

battle prayer

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