Daily Devotional: Don’t Fall for Satan’s Lies

Daily Devotional: Don’t Fall for Satan’s Lies

Genesis 3:1-7. We’ve all been duped by a lie, whether it was something as innocuous as false advertising or as serious as a bank account scam. Whatever the deception was, it can be traced back to Satan, the Father of Lies (John 8:44). And his most heinous deceptions are those that lead us astray. This is why it is critical to understand the devil’s pattern of deception, which dates back to the Garden of Eden.

Satan’s first move was to persuade Eve to doubt God’s Word, and his strategy was to use the snake to ask, “Has God really said…?” (Gen. 3:15).

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Since then, people have fallen for this deception. When they hear one of God’s unequivocal commands, they rationalize that it’s not what He meant or that it doesn’t apply to them.

The devil then directly contradicted God’s Word and slandered His character by denying that Eve would face any consequences for her sin. Instead, the adversary promised her incredible benefits if she ate the fruit. This is also how he operates today.

When temptation strikes, don’t fall for Satan’s lies. Sin always has consequences. As a result, consider whether the temporary gratification of a bad decision is worth the inevitable consequences.

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