Daily Devotional: Developing Faith Through Adversity


Daily Devotional: Developing Faith Through Adversity. 2 Corinthians 11:23-30 (KJV)

Despite the fact that Paul had spent years serving Christ, he was constantly in pain. Doesn’t seem right, does it? Why would God allow him to suffer so much? It’s a question that many of us today have about ourselves. We believe that the Lord should shield us from adversity, but He does not always do so.

Maybe we’re thinking backwards. We believe that faithful Christians do not deserve to suffer, but suffering is a necessary part of being a Christian, according to God. If we all lived pain-free lives, we’d never really know God because we’d never need Him. Whether we like it or not, adversity teaches us things that simply reading the Bible will never teach us.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t know Scripture; it’s the foundation of our faith. But if our beliefs are never tested, they remain only in our heads. If we’ve never faced adversity, how can we know the Lord can be trusted in the midst of it? God provides us with opportunities to apply scriptural truths to the problems we face, and in the process, we discover His faithfulness.

Trials can either be a source of encouragement or a source of discouragement and self-pity—the choice is yours. However, if you apply God’s Word to your situation, your faith and trust in Him will be strengthened through adversity.

The Bible in a Year: Isaiah 28-30

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