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Apostle Samuel Adeyemi is an author, and a renowned motivational speaker. Furthermore, Sam Adeyemi is the President of Success Power International and Daystar Leadership Academy.

Samuel Adeyemi Biography
Samuel Adesanya Adeyemi was born on the 3rd of February 1967 in a village called Ndayako, close to Mokwa, Niger State, Nigeria, where he spent the first 10years of his life. He hails from Odo-Ere, Yagba, Kogi State, Nigeria. He has a younger brother – Victor Adeyemi, who is also a Pastor.

Sam Adeyemi got his Higher National Diploma (HND) at the Kwara State Polytechnic, after studying Civil Engineering. Few years down the lane, Sam Adeyemi decided to further his education.

Therefore, in 2008, he went to the University of Exeter where he studied Leadership Studies and graduated with MSc degree in 2011. Furthermore, he went to Regent University, Virginia, USA to obtain a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership in 2017.

Sam Adeyemi is married to Nike Adeyemi, and they are blessed with three children.

Sam Adeyemi
Sam Adeyemi Pastoral Ministry
He started as a Pastor at the Rhema Chapel alongside his younger brother – Victor Adeyemi. While at Rhema Chapel, Sam Adeyemi served as the Director of Pastoral Care and Minister in Charge before he was transferred to a branch in Lagos.

sam adeyemi daystar

The Birth Of Daystar Christian Centre
On his relocation to Lagos, Pastor Sam Adeyemi felt his ministry was stagnated. So in April 1994, he decided to go on a prayer and fasting program with his wife. His prayers were answered in July 1994, after he got a clear cut instruction from God.

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God told him it was time to move to the next level of ministry, where he would be a teacher of biblical success principles. He would reach his audience via radio, television, tapes, publications and seminars. Also, he would establish a church that would help people discover and release their potentials. Sam Adeyemi got the vision for Success Power International and Daystar Christian Center on the same day.

He first started teaching on the radio. Shortly after, on the 18th of November 1995, he established the Daystar Christian Centre.

Sam Adeyemi
Success Power International
Sam Adeyemi founded Success Power International in 1995. His passion to help people realize their life purpose, led him to start the programme. Through Success Power, Sam Adeyemi imparts people with the knowledge they need to discover, develop, release and maximize their hidden potentials.

The main aim of the programme is to see people succeed in their endeavours by providing them with the motivation they need in the race of life. Success Power reaches out to people through telecast, radio broadcast, seminars, audio, video materials, and books.

Through Success Power, Sam Adeyemi intends to raise and sustain the morale, strength and capability of the human spirit, in an economic and social environment that only challenges, and hinders the realization of even the brightest of potentials.

Sam Adeyemi
Daystar Leadership Academy
Evangelist Sam Adeyemi founded the Daystar Leadership Academy in January 2002. It is a non-profit Leadership and Management Development School with the vision to raise exceptional leaders and managers that would transform the world.

The Academy offers the following courses – Basic Certificated Course in Leadership, Weekend Leadership Certificate Course (Basic and Advanced), Executive Leadership course (Basic and Advanced), Basic Leadership Course for Teenagers. Over 20,000 students have graduated from the academy since its inception.

Pneuma Publishing
Pneuma Publishing was registered as an information resource centre in 1995. Today, the company has grown into a publishing house, information resources management, and a distribution organization. They are ready to transform lives through the sharing of value-adding information and wealth creation for all its stakeholders.

Sam Adeyemi
Sam Adeyemi Books
Wonders of Imagination
Think and Succeed
Success Is Who You Are
Start With What You Have
Success Guaranteed By The Blood Covenant
The Second Revolution
Sex Straight Talk
Nigeria of My Dream
The Super Achievers’ Breakfast
Ideas Rule the World
Lead: Proving Principles to Multiply your Success at Any Level
The Real Money

Sam Adeyemi Quotes

sam adeyemi quotes

“Faithfulness is a character trait, without the help of the spirit of God, it is difficult to be faithful.”

“Turning the focus from self to others is one of the greatest transformations in a leader’s life. Service is the essence of leadership.”

“You can’t pull the arm of your child to force them to grow, neither can you stretch a plant to grow. Only God has the power to make things grow, but we have the responsibility to ensure a healthy lifestyle…”

“One fact that separates great leaders from good leaders is the capacity for sacrifice.”

“Be real with those you lead. Don’t put up a perfect image. Be yourself and be human. Hypocrisy erodes a leader’s image.”

“You have to meet people where they are, in order to get them where you want them to be; you cannot truly care except you get into their world.”

“Choose your company carefully, because the people you keep close to you shape your thinking, most times unconsciously. You absorb their mindset and emotions. If you hang around negative people, then negativity would come to you.”

Life Lessons From Sam Adeyemi
Continually follow God’s leading and direction, and you would never go wrong.
Be people-centred, not self-centred, and you would achieve more

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