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Biography of Evangelist Morris Cerullo

morris cerullo

Dr. Morris Cerullo was born in New Jersey, the fifth and last child of an Italian immigrant father and Jewish mother. After his mother died, he was placed in an Orthodox Jewish orphanage. As a teenager, Cerullo converted to Christianity, claiming that he heard God’s voice and had holy visions. After being ordained by the Assemblies of God in 1952, Cerullo served as pastor in various churches before becoming an itinerant healing evangelist. His calling took him to Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Hector Avalos wrote in Free Inquiry that “during the 1980s, Cerullo was probably better known in Latin America than in the United States. Famous for anticommunist crusades filled with undiplomatic rhetoric. He was reportedly censored several times in Argentina for such outspokenness. In 1981 the Nicaraguan government barred him from entering the country.”

In 1990, with the help of other investors, Cerullo purchased two pieces of the empire of former televangelist Jim Bakker: the Praise the Lord (PTL) satellite network and Heritage USA, a Christian theme park in Fort Mills, South Carolina. After a falling out between Cerullo and his major partners, the theme park came under the control of Malaysian United Industries, and Cerullo held on to the network. Through PTL he broadcast his Victory with Morris Cerullo, which aired in the United States and Canada, and sent out his Pentecostal message emphasizing that such Old Testament powers as speaking in tongues and faith healing are still possible.

By the mid-1990s, Cerullo had held revivals in more than seventy countries and established permanent offices in over twenty-five, including Great Britain.Schaefer noted that his operation was then worth about forty million dollars. Schaefer went on to note that in February 1991, Cerullo’s television program was launched on the European Super Channel, which attracted some twenty-three million people. British viewers complained to the Independent Television Commission that the show contained Pentecostal practices, such as exorcism and faith healing, in violation of British program codes. Episodes that contain miracle healing were suspended until a disclaimer was created that was acceptable to regulators.

morris cerrulo

Despite such steps, the controversy escalated, particularly when Cerullo launched his Mission to London (MTL) crusade, which was advertised with representations of broken canes, discarded wheelchairs, and smashed hearing aids.

Cerullo was accused by many of exploiting the disabled with his promises of miracles. Members of the clergy debunked Cerullo’s claims, among them Peter May, a physician and evangelical member of the Church of England Synod. Controversy surrounding Cerullo’s claims and fundraising practices continued for years, even though these elements of his ministry had remained essentially the same for the three decades since he first became a part of the British religious scene.

But reports of people who were injured or died as a result of their faith in Cerullo’s power of healing continued to fuel concern, and religious people feared that those who were not healed would lose faith or blame the results, or lack thereof, on themselves.

May wrote in Free Inquiry of his challenge to Cerullo to submit three of his best cases for investigation. Cerullo claimed he had healed 2,250 people. He provided a list of nine cases, but only six of these agreed to be examined. May said that none reflected an actual cure and concluded that claims of vanishing pain were psychological. May detailed many cases of people who suffered from back pain, poor vision, knee pain, fibroids, deafness, and a variety of other ailments.

Some of these were not as claimed, and others improved for other reasons, including conventional medical treatment. In conclusion, May wrote that “after extensive inquiries that included sending out a questionnaire to the many people on his lucrative mailing list, he [Cerullo] has been unable to find a miracle. As one of the doctors on his own medical panel reported, they have uncovered nothing that lies outside the realm of normal clinical experience. Undeterred, he continues to announce at his meetings, ‘Every kind of disease is being healed right now.'”

Cerullo caused a stir in 1997, when he mailed a million unsolicited copies of a Hebrew-language missionary tract to Israeli Jewish homes. His targeting of Jews for conversion to Christianity infuriated the community. The action, which was considered anti-Semitic, caused orthodox rabbis to forbid the postal workers to deliver the pamphlets, and many were burned in front of the Knesset building. Cerullo’s 1999 visit to Saudi Arabia led to a targeting of Christians.

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Three days after he preached to approximately one thousand people in an auditorium eighteen miles outside the capital of Riyadh, the Islamic religious police raided places of worship, arrested Christians, and destroyed property. Christians were forced to sign letters saying that they would not in the future practice their religion.

Cerullo maintains a website from which he writes about his ministry and its history. He has also self-published a number of books.

Evangelist Morris Cerullo published his autobiography My Story in 1962, the year after he founded his Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, Inc. (MCWE) in San Diego, California. Cerullo’s story has, of course, continued since that time. Over his lifetime, the successful Pentecostal minister has accrued great wealth, including a 12,000 square-foot gated mansion in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country, assets estimated at over twelve million dollars, and several private jets.


Evangelist Morris Cerullo died at a ripe age of 88 years(October 2, 1931-July 11, 2020)


Evangelist minister. Assemblies of God, ordained 1952; pastor of various congregations, c. 1950s; Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, Inc., San Diego, CA, founder and administrator, 1961—2020, forerunner of annual World Conference, beginning 1972; Inspirational Network (formerly Praise the Lord Network), partner, beginning 1990, and host of Victory with Morris Cerullo (television program), beginning 1991; Heritage USA (Christian theme park), Fort Mills, SC, former co administrator.
Forerunner of missionary crusades around the world, including in Argentina, Greece, and Nicaragua; creator of Messianic Bible Correspondence Course; European Independent Television Christian Network, England, founder.

My Story (autobiography), World Evangelism (San Diego, CA), 1962, revised as From Judaism to Christianity, 1965.

Encyclopedia 1080
The Back Side of Satan, Creation House (Carol Stream, IL), 1973.

A Guide to Total Health and Prosperity, World Evangelism (San Diego, CA), 1977.

Revelation Healing Power, World Evangelism (San Diego, CA), 1979.

Victory Miracle Living, It’s Harvest Time, World Evangelism (San Diego, CA), 1982.

The Miracle Book, World Evangelism (San Diego, CA), 1984.

The Last Great Anointing, foreword by C. Peter Wagner, Renew (Ventura, CA), 1999.

Cerullo’s writings have been translated into several languages.

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In an attempt to advance his heavenly purpose regardless of trials to prevent his dream by the great power of God, Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries was established to convey the work of God

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His first son, Joshua Muoka got married to his wife Ifunanya Favour Muoka on 26th January, 2019 & some months later, his daughter Ruth Ifunanya Muoka married her husband Bro Lucky Oha.

Pastor Lazarus has authored only a handful of books and that is understood judging from when he started out on his own to establish his church and some of his books includes.

  1. How God Called Me
  2. Mark My Words
  3. And Ye Shall Receive Power
  4. Ye Must Be Born Again
  5. Christianity: A Better and Pure Religion


Pastor Lazarus Mouka is among one the richest pastors in Nigeria with an estimated assets rated $3m or N1.1 billion.

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Father Mbaka is the only son of late Chief Humphrey Ogbuefi and Felicia Mbaka of Amata Ituku Awgu L.G.A, Enugu State. Ogbuefi Mbaka’s family is famous for their exceptional ability in palm wine tapping in the community (Ituku).

Rev Father Mbaka’s Biography, Early Life & Career

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka’s Early Life

From the beginning, Mbaka, though fully absorbed by his house tasks, still secure adequate time to communicate with God. He helped his mother in other domestic duties, accompanied his father to their famous business of wine tapping and ensuring that all that was tapped was sold except the one reserved to entertain their daily visitors.

Father Mbaka conducts Block Rosary Prayers where he frequently acted the character of Francisco (one of the three children visited by Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima in Portugal in the year 1917) He was also extremely involved in the transformation of Charismatic group in St. Anthony’s Parish Ituku where he controlled the prayer warrior squad.

However his dad was a pagan but at that period, he accepted his local runs in the Christian happenings in the town, but the moment father Mbaka made his intentions to join the priesthood, everything transformed radically. Pa Ogbuefi and his kinsmen not only opposed the idea but also oppressed father Mbaka and made life an unhappy experience for him.

After his secondary school education at St. Vincent’s secondary school Agbogugn in Awgu L.G.A of Eungu state, he advanced to Seat of Wisdom Seminary Owerri and St Joseph’s Ikot Ekpene for his drill, and development to calling.

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Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka Career

Father Mbaka was ordained a priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church on 29th July 1995. He was sent to the Holy Ghost Cathedral, the main office of Catholic Church in Enugu Diocese as the Assistant Diocesan Administration.

He didn’t only differentiate himself as a knowledgeable administrator but also offered the church in Enugu diocese the long wanted like apostolic flavor and zeal to develop forward.

He later learnt the need to go on an evangelical mission outside the cathedral with a purpose to getting more people and by so doing, it landed him to Capuchin and G.T.C Enugu where he conducted masses for the congregation.

While at G.T.C the conception of having adoration to the Eucharistic Jesus was conceived; hence the birth of Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN). It was formerly known as the Word Prayer Centre of the Eucharistic Jesus.

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka Awards

Father Mbaka plays and creates music. He has numerous albums to his credit and variously respected by Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PIMAN).

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