Baptism: A Representation Of Everlasting Faith In Christ

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Every one of you should repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for your sins to be pardoned. And you will obtain the gift of the Holy Spirit. The assurance is for you and your children and for all who are far away and for all whom the Lord our God will call.'” Stated peter – Acts 2:38-39

Three years ago on Pentecost, I saw my godson’s been baptised. The pastor told parents and godparents to tell their children and godchildren of their baptisms always. He also encouraged all believers to continually remember their baptism and to remember what baptism means for those in the body of Christ.

When I was baptized at 23, the pastor introduced my baptism by saying “there is nothing supernatural about this water,” and he was correct. There is no magic in the water and the water itself will not transform you, but there is an unusual power and hope in the One who makes baptism possible – the One who baptizes in the Spirit and changes the heart.

Whether you lean to infant baptism or a believer’s baptism theologically, Christians can all agree that baptism is a representation of everlasting faith in Christ. For Christian parents, their baby’s baptism is a sign of their assurance to nurture the child to recognize and love God. For disciples, baptism is a representation of the eternal hope they have and a cue of the assurance that has been achieved.

Remember your baptism, but don’t just remember the day or the act – recall the gospel of Jesus Christ, which offers purpose to all baptisms. Recall that the Lord called you to Himself, and He selected you by name – not by any worth of your own but by His abundant gift of grace.

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Throughout the Bible, we can see that God chose people whom we might consider not so deserving – polytheists, murderers, adulterers, harlots, liars, and all other sorts of sinners and sins combined. His point in showing us the flaws of the people He chose is to prompt us that no one is deserving. He can give compassion to anyone He chooses because all have fallen short of His glory, and no one can be vindicated and consecrated apart from Jesus.

When you remember your baptism, recall that you were nothing and God renewed you. You were hopeless, but He called you His own. He has accepted you as His child and successor. Recall the sin that caused the world to collapse, know the result of sin for every human being, and understand your constant need for the perfect Savior who lived, died and rose for all who would trust.

Intersecting Faith and Life: appreciate your Savior Jesus Christ for your baptism today, thank Him for the baptism of all those in the body of Christ and those in the covenant family, and pray for the baptism of many more–for no one is without need of grace and no one is beyond God’s reach.

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