A Prayer For The Unkind Individual

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A Prayer For The Unkind Individual

In your case it maybe the customer support representative who ought to help you but keeps making everything more difficult with their attitude. A situation rubs you the wrong way every time. You assume that kindness is a part of their job description without considering why they may be behaving rudely in the moment.

Or maybe you’re dealing with an acquaintance who is constantly inconsiderate to your kind gestures. These kind of individuals have no regards for your feelings when you express them and say that you are “sensitive” without trying to hear you out. You wouldn’t have any understanding about their lack of effort to change, especially since you’ve vulnerably expressed your concerns. In as much as we interact with individuals in relationships we expect them to be as invested as we are in the relationship without considering that they might not cherish the relationship in the same sense that we do.

We label people unkind by our own justifications. As creatures of the highest grade, when we judge others harshly we simultaneously cover ourselves with a lot of grace. The moment we experience negativity, we assume that the other party must be the source of that negativity without any understanding to who they really are. Having a view at our situations with our eyes and not God’s heart (1 Sam 16:7) we miss the opportunity to see the value that God has designed.

A Prayer For The Unkind Individual

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God’s sovereignty is missed when we dismiss people because of our hurt.
It will be seen as brotherly love if a prayer is rendered for that unkind person in your life, asking God to bring healing to them and to you.

My Lord in heaven, you know how my heart is hurting over ____’s actions toward me. I’m so frustrated and weary of dealing with the hurt she is causing me. Lord, I know you know her heart. And it is very obvious that every time I judge her or get frustrated with her, I condemn myself, because I’m not perfectly kind either. Oh Lord, forgive me! Help me to see my sin too. Help me be kind to her even when she is unkind to me. Help me treat her with hospitality and consideration. Help me see her the way you see her, Lord. And Father, will you convict her heart too? Will you transform her more and more into your likeness? Are you going to aid her in seeing how her actions wound? I surrender this relationship to you now, Lord. Carry my hurt and hold it close, and help me not need her kindness to be kind in return. In your name I pray, amen.

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