6 Key Principles for Personal and Business Success

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Principles for Personal and Business Success.

The startup lifestyle is well-known for being hectic and challenging, but it is also intended to be joyful and meaningful, with you as the entrepreneur in complete control of your own future. Unfortunately, based on my many years of experience working with entrepreneurs and coaching businesses, this is not always the case. While the business may be a success, the entrepreneur may feel like a failure.

The issue is to not allow success come at the expense of personal fulfillment or the people you care about. To accomplish so, you must adhere to a set of personal beliefs that drive your business principles, rather than the other way around.

Here are a few significant business principles that I support:

1. Establish your personal goals and purpose early on.

Your personal objectives should drive your corporate objectives, not the other way around. If you are not true to your basic principles, personal interests, and a larger purpose, you will never be pleased or happy. Make a list of your goals, then take responsibility for making them a reality and experiencing the satisfaction that comes with it.

2. Concentrate on your strengths rather than your faults.

If you don’t consider business to be one of your strong suits, you won’t be satisfied heading a startup. Many technologists are obstinate in refusing to let anybody else convert their idea from a product to a business, feeling that their business shortcoming can be readily remedied. Both they and the company suffer as a result.

3. Set some short-term goals to help you get there.

Dreams will not make you happy or successful on their own, so begin early in establishing and executing against a set of milestones to celebrate accomplishments along the way. Satisfaction is not a one-time event at the end of your work; it is a sequence of positive emotions fueled by results along the way.

5. Continue to believe, study, and evolve as a person.

Entrepreneurship is an ever-changing world, therefore if you aren’t learning and evolving, you will lag behind. Setbacks in business must be viewed as normal and expected challenges, not as indicators of failure. Resolving problems successfully should be a major source of satisfaction.

6. Take pleasure in team achievement, both at work and at home.

Accept that being an entrepreneur is not a one-man show, and establish a team that can complement you and support your shortcomings. If your business and private teams are happy, their pleasure will rub off on you. A successful team is one that is motivated.

Indeed, one of the biggest sources of entrepreneurs is people leaving unhappy corporate jobs. Most people are unaware that the same enjoyment and success principles apply in both domains – and that neglecting them in either would result in the same undesirable outcomes.

Switching from one lifestyle to the other will present you with a new set of problems, but it will not offer you happiness, contentment, or success. In any case, I believe that you create your own success. It’s time to get started.

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