27 mind-blowing quotes by Steve Backlund

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A brief about Steve Backlund
Steve Backlund is a pastor, author, revivalist, and church strategist. He possesses a distinct anointing for the release of hope and joy, as well as a revelatory teaching gift that produces new wineskins for greater dimensions of God (both personally and corporately).

Here are 27 amazing quotes by Steve Backlund

Good behavior does not advance God’s Kingdom. It is propelled forward by positive beliefs.

  • We do not move forward by looking back. We are not called to repair an old life, but to create a new one.
  • “Our hope levels are indicators of w“Our end-of-the-world perspective can be a determining factor in whether we are positive or negative in our lives.”
  • “A lot of what we call our ‘personality’ is really just a collection of bad beliefs.
  • “One of the most important things we can do is identify and remove doubt in ourselves.”
  • “Your past isn’t your challenge.  Your current convictions are.”
  • “Experience frequently masquerades as truth.”
  • “Success is a state of being, not a destination.”
  • “Your faith is in YOU, which is why you are hopeless about yourself.”
  • “When you stop believing in people, you cease to be a leader.”
  • “A change in behavior requires a change in the way we think.”
  • “One reason God likes to use people with problems is that he doesn’t have any other people to use.”
  • “Our reaction to events is almost always more important than the event itself.”
  • “Our trust in God grows in direct proportion to our knowledge of His character, goodness, and trustworthiness.”
  • “What I think about the issues around me accounts for 90% of successful leadership.”
  • “How we respond to imperfect leaders in our lives reveals how prepared we are to lead.”
  • “How we feel about ourselves has a significant impact on how we feel about others.”
  • “Every problem is a chance for me to see how big my God is.”
  • “If you keep your heart and mind in check, you won’t need to keep your mouth in check.”
  • “The question is not, ‘Lord, tell me what I should do.’ ‘Lord, tell me what to believe,’ it says.
  • “Ministry is not about imparting knowledge; it is about imparting life.”
  • “Every right interpretation of the Bible leads to hope.”
  • “Ministry is not primarily derived from what we know; it is derived from who we are.”
  • “Future vision gives power to the present.”
  • “Every right interpretation of the Bible leads to hope.”

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